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  1. archaic
    adj: no longer used or applicable; ancient
  2. argot
    "noun: the informal
  3. connotation
    noun: ideas or meanings suggested by a word; associations that go beyond a word's literal meaning
  4. denotation
    noun: the most direct or specific meaning of a word
  5. idiom
    noun: an expression with a special meaning that cannot be understood from the meanings of the individual words; a nonliteral expression
  6. jargon
    noun: a specialized vocabulary of a profession or trade; nonsensical or meaningless communication
  7. pidgin
    noun: a simplified form of speech developed from two or more languages
  8. semantics
    noun: the study of meaning and word interpretation ; the exact meaning of a word
  9. standard
    adj: conforming to the established language used by educated speakers; noun: something established as a measure of quality
  10. vernacular
    "noun: everyday language
  11. atlas
    Noun : a book or bound collection of maps
  12. epicure
    Noun : a person with refined taste (in food or drink)
  13. galvanize
    Verb : to stimulate or urge into action; to spur
  14. jovial
    Adjective : jolly; filled with good cheer
  15. nemesis
    Noun : a source of harm or ruin; an opponent that cannot be defeated
  16. Pyrrhic victory
    Noun : a victory that is offset by staggering losses or a huge price
  17. quixotic
    Adjective : dedicated to unreachable goals
  18. saturnine
    Adjective : gloomy and sullen
  19. Sisyphean
    Adjective : requiring endless effort; without result or success
  20. solecism
    Noun : a nonstandard or improper use of language; a mistake in manners or behavior
  21. behold
    Verb : to gaze at or look upon
  22. discernment
    Noun : excellent judgment and insight; skill in perceiving
  23. envision
    Verb : to picture in the mind; to imagine
  24. foresee
    Verb : to see or know ahead of time
  25. gape
    "Verb : to stare in amazement
  26. impressionistic
    "Adjective : describing a highly personal
  27. myopia
    Noun : lack of planning for the future; nearsightedness
  28. perceptive
    Adjective : marked by understanding or awareness; sharp; sensitive
  29. premonition
    Noun : a feeling that something will happen in the future
  30. subliminal
    "Adjective : below the threshold of conscious thought; not detectable
  31. cessation
    noun: a bringing or coming to an end; a halt
  32. commence
    verb: to begin
  33. deter
    "verb: to prevent or discourage from acting
  34. hamper
    "verb: to prevent from moving freely or making progress; to limit ; noun: a large basket
  35. obstruction
    noun: something that blocks or gets in the way; an obstacle
  36. preclude
    verb: to make impossible or unlikely; to prevent
  37. procrastinate
    verb: to delay; to put off doing something
  38. scuttle
    "verb: to run or move with short
  39. subside
    verb: to sink to a lower or more normal level; to become less active or intense
  40. thwart
    verb: to prevent from taking place; frustrate; block
  41. apologist
    "Noun : a person who speaks in defense of a person
  42. dissuade
    Verb : to discourage from doing something through persuasion
  43. dupe
    Verb : to take advantage of people by tricking or fooling ; Noun : Someone tricked and taken advantage of
  44. fallacy
    Noun : a false belief; faulty and illogical reasoning
  45. imply
    Verb : To hint; to suggest indirectly
  46. indisputable
    Adj : beyond doubt or question; certain
  47. infer
    Verb: to draw a conclusion from evidence
  48. red herring
    Noun : something that draws attention away from the main issue
  49. refute
    Verb : to prove to be false or invalid; to deny the accuracy or truth of
  50. substantiate
    Verb : To support with evidence
  51. accolade
    Noun : great praise; an award
  52. adulation
    Noun : adoration; excessive praise or flattery
  53. anathema
    Noun : something or someone that is greatly hated and avoided
  54. commend
    Verb : to give approval or praise
  55. critique
    "Noun : a detailed review; an evaluation; Verb : to review
  56. eulogy
    Noun : a tribute; spoken or written praise (in honor of someone who died)
  57. homage
    Noun : publicly expressed honor or respect
  58. laudable
    Adj : worthy of praise and honor
  59. quibble
    "Verb : to criticize
  60. reproach
    Verb : to criticize or express disapproval
  61. bland
    Adj: calming or soothing; lacking flavor; dull; plain to the point of boring
  62. culinary
    Adj: related to cooking or kitchens
  63. cutlery
    Noun: utensils used for eating; cutting instruments and tools
  64. devour
    Verb: to consume or eat with greed/enthusiasm
  65. morsel
    Noun : a very small piece; a small treat
  66. pungent
    "Adj : having a sharp
  67. quaff
    Verb: to drink heartily and deeply
  68. ravenous
    Adj: extremely hungry
  69. savory
    Adj: pleasing to the taste or smell; appetizing; flavorful-spicy/salty; morally good or satisfactory; respectable
  70. simmer
    Verb: to cook gently in a liquid just at or below the boiling point; filled with pent-up emotion
  71. blight
    "Verb: to have a negative effect on; to ruin; Noun: something that ruins or greatly harms; a terrible condition
  72. cataclysm
    Noun : an intense and violent disaster or change
  73. decomposition
    "Noun : the process of rotting
  74. eradication
    "Noun : the act of tearing out by the roots
  75. havoc
    Noun : widespread destruction and devastation; chaos and disorder
  76. mar
    Verb : to inflict damage or spoil the quality of
  77. obliterate
    "Verb : to wipe out completely; to do away with
  78. pugnacious
    Adj : combative; eager for a fight
  79. pulverize
    "Verb : to pound
  80. stagnant
    Adj : stale and foul due to lack of movement; lacking progress or life
  81. broach
    Verb: to bring up a subject for discussion
  82. convene
    Verb: to assemble formally; to come together officially
  83. debut
    Verb: to make a first public appearance; Noun: a first public appearance ; a formal presentation of a young woman into society
  84. embark
    Verb: to board a plane or ship; to start a major effort; to set out on a venture
  85. generate
    Verb: to create; to bring into being
  86. incipient
    Adj: beginning to exist or appear
  87. initiative
    Noun: a beginning or an introductory step; an opening move ; the ability or wish to start something; enterprise; determination
  88. innovation
    Noun: something newly introduced or created
  89. novice
    Noun: a beginner
  90. overture
    Noun: a piece of music intended to introduce a longer work; an act or offer showing readiness to form a relationship or to negotiate
  91. devious
    Adj: meant to trick; not straightforward; shifty; departing from the correct or accepted way or from the straight or direct course
  92. duplicity
    Noun: deliberate deception in behavior or speech
  93. fictitious
    Adj: false or fake; adopted or assumed in order to deceive; imaginary; unreal; relating to fiction
  94. guile
    Noun: sly intelligence; craftiness with the intention to deceive
  95. gullible
    Adj: easily deceived or fooled
  96. hypocritical
    "Adj: giving a false appearance; saying one thing
  97. masquerade
    Verb: to disguise oneself; to put on a false or deceptive appearance ; Noun: a disguise or false appearance; a scheme or charade
  98. overt
    Adj: open and observable; not hidden or secret
  99. reputable
    Adj: having a good reputation; well thought of; honorable or trustworthy
  100. veracity
    Noun: truthfulness or accuracy; conformity to fact or truth
  101. Denizen
    noun: A dweller; an inhabitant.
  102. Avuncular
    "Adj: Resembling an uncle
  103. Anomaly
    "noun: Deviation from the common rule : irregularity; something anomalous : something different
  104. Supercilious
    Adj: Disdainfully arrogant; haughty.
  105. Eschew
    Verb: To shun; to avoid (as something wrong or distasteful).
  106. Nascent
    Adj: coming or having recently come into existence
  107. Berate
    Verb: To scold severely or angrily.
  108. Intransigent
    Adj: Refusing to compromise; uncompromising.
  109. Euphonious
    Adj: Pleasing or sweet in sound; smooth-sounding.
  110. Glower
    verb: to look or stare with sullen annoyance or anger
  111. Furtive
    "Adj: Done by stealth; surreptitious; secret; as
  112. Mettle
    �noun:vigor and strength of spirit or temperament staying quality : stamina
  113. Trepidation ��
    Noun: apprehension
  114. Acquiesce
    verb: To accept or consent passively or without objection -- usually used with 'in' or 'to'.
  115. Requisite
    adjective: Required by the nature of things or by circumstances; indispensable.
  116. Gumption ��
    "Noun: enterprise
  117. Complement
    verb: To fill up or complete.
  118. Haggard
    Adjective: wild in appearance *b : having a worn or emaciated appearance : gaunt �
  119. Jovial
    Adjective: markedly good-humored especially as evidenced by jollity and conviviality �
  120. Celerity
    noun: Rapidity of motion or action; quickness; swiftness..
  121. Gargantuan
    "Adjective: tremendous in size
  122. Pristine
    "Adjective: not spoiled
  123. Extol
    verb: To praise highly; to glorify; to [1]exalt.
  124. Precocious ��
    Adjective: Exceptionally early in development or occurrence
  125. Proffer ��
    "Verb: to present for acceptance : tender
  126. Don
    verb: To put on or dress in.
  127. Quid pro quo ��
    Noun: something given or received for something else
  128. Prescience
    Noun: Knowledge of events before they take place; foresight.
  129. Visceral ��
    "adj: not intellectual : instinctive
  130. Pejorative
    adj: Tending to make or become worse; tending to disparage or belittle.
  131. Stolid
    adj: Having or revealing little emotion or sensibility; not easily excited
  132. Upbraid ��
    verb: to criticize severely; scold vehemently
  133. Explicate
    verb: To explain; to clear of difficulties or obscurity.
  134. Reticent
    adj: Inclined to keep silent; reserved; uncommunicative.
  135. Verisimilitude
    noun:The appearance of truth; the quality of seeming to be true.
  136. Pariah
    noun: an outcast; any person or animal that is generally despised or avoided.
  137. Truculent
    adj: Disposed to fight; pugnacious.
  138. Verdant
    adj: Covered ��with ��growing �plants �or �grass; �green �with vegetation
  139. Dilettante �
    "noun: An �amateur or dabbler; especially
  140. Plaintive �
    adj: expressive of suffering or woe : melancholy
  141. Bacchanalia
    "noun: The ancient Roman festival in honor of Bacchus
  142. Fortuitous ��
    adj: coming or happening by a lucky chance
  143. Solace
    noun: comfort in time of grief; alleviation of grief or anxiety.
  144. Insuperable
    "adj: incapable of being surmounted
  145. Vociferous
    adj: Making a loud outcry; clamorous; noisy.
  146. Erudite
    adj: characterized by extensive reading or knowledge; learned.
  147. Bilk �
    verb: to cheat out of something valuable : defraud b : to evade payment of or to
  148. Endemic �
    "adj: characteristic of or prevalent in a particular field
  149. Solicitous �
    adj: meticulously careful; full of desire : eager
  150. Indolent
    adj: avoiding �labor �and �exertion; �habitually �idle; �lazy;
  151. Untoward
    adj: Improper; unseemly.
  152. Triskaidekaphobia
    noun: A morbid fear of the number 13 or the date Friday the 13th.
  153. Exacerbate
    "verb: to make more violent
  154. Pallid
    adj: Unusually or extremely pale.
  155. Suffuse
    verb: To �spread through or over in the manner of fluid or light
  156. Finicky ��
    "adj: extremely or excessively particular
  157. Ignoble
    adj: Of low birth or family; not noble; not illustrious; plebeian; common; humble.
  158. Pontificate ��
    verb: to speak or express opinions in a pompous or dogmatic way
  159. Stanch
    "verb: to stop the flowing of; to check in its course; also
  160. Commodious
    "adj: comfortably or conveniently spacious; roomy; as
  161. Aver
    "verb: to affirm with confidence; to declare in a positive manner
  162. Ameliorate
    verb: to make better; to improve.
  163. Cronyism �
    noun: partiality to cronies especially as evidenced in the appointment of political hangers-on to office without regard to their qualifications
  164. Regale
    verb: To entertain with something that delights.
  165. Pliant
    adj: easily bent or flexed; supple; pliable; adaptable.
  166. Agglomeration
    noun: a heaping together; a jumbled cluster or mass of usually varied elements.
  167. Incisive
    adj: impressively direct and decisive (as in manner or presentation)
  168. Pandemonium
    noun: a wild uproar : tumult
  169. Paragon
    noun: a model of excellence or perfection
  170. Indomitable
    adj: incapable of being subdued or overcome; unconquerable.
  171. Recalcitrant
    adj: stubbornly resistant to and defiant of authority or restraint.
  172. Panacea
    "noun: A remedy for all diseases
  173. Ergonomic
    "adj: designed or arranged for safe
  174. Salient
    adj: shooting out or up; projecting; �prominent; conspicuous; noticeable.
  175. Aesthetic
    "adj: relating to beauty
  176. Ostensible
    "adj: represented or appearing to be true
  177. Assiduous �
    adj: marked by careful unremitting attention or persistent application
  178. Prescient
    adj: knowing or anticipating the outcome of events before they happen.
  179. Intrepid
    "adj: fearless; bold; brave; undaunted; courageous; as
  180. Prognosticate �
    verb: to foretell from signs and symptoms : predict
  181. Aplomb
    noun: complete and confident composure or self-assurance : poise
  182. Convivial
    "�adj: relating to
  183. Braggadocio
    noun: a braggart; �empty boasting.
  184. Deprecate
    verb: to belittle; to depreciate.
  185. Panache
    noun: Dash or flamboyance in manner or style.
  186. Visage
    noun: the face; look; appearance; aspect.
  187. Malleable
    "adj: capable �of �being �extended �or �shaped by beating with a hammer
  188. Astute
    "adj: crafty
  189. Acerbic
    "adj: acid in temper
  190. Slake
    "verb: to satisfy; to quench; to extinguish; as
  191. Betwixt ��
    adverb or preposition: between
  192. Maladroit
    adj: lacking adroitness; clumsy; awkward; unskillful; inept.
  193. Facetious
    adj: Amusing; intended to be humorous; not serious.
  194. Paroxysm
    noun: Any sudden and violent emotion or action; an outburst; a fit.
  195. Enigma
    noun: a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation
  196. Remuneration
    noun: reward; pay
  197. Catharsis
    noun: the purging of the emotions or relieving of emotional tensions
  198. acme
    Noun: the highest point of achievement
  199. adept
    Adj: very skillful
  200. aptitude
    Noun: natural ability; talent; quickness in understanding; intelligence
  201. astute
    "Adj: having shrewd judgment; observant
  202. finesse
    "Verb: to achieve a goal or handle a situation with subtle skill; Noun: refinement
  203. painstaking
    Adj: marked by or requiring great care; demanding extended or extreme effort /diligence
  204. precocious
    Adj: showing unusually early development or maturity
  205. prodigy
    "Noun: a person
  206. resourceful
    Adj: effective and imaginative in solving problems; practical
  207. virtuoso
    Noun: a very skilled musician or other type of artist; a master artist
  208. idiosyncrasy
    Noun: an unusual habit of one particular person
  209. innocuous
    Adj: harmless; not likely to offend anyone
  210. obtrusive
    Adj: unpleasantly noticeable; bold ; thrusting out
  211. orthodox
    Adj: doing and believing what is commonly accepted or customary ; following established faiths and beliefs
  212. prevalent
    Adj: widely or commonly existing or practiced
  213. prosaic
    Adj: dull; ordinary; lacking in imagination and spirit
  214. quaint
    "Adj: charmingly odd
  215. rarity
    Noun: something that is very infrequent or scarce
  216. singular
    Adj: being the only one of a kind; unique ; being beyond what is ordinary or usual; remarkable
  217. trite
    Adj: overused and therefore lacking in interest
  218. appraisal
    Noun: evaluation or estimation of worth
  219. base
    Adj: low or inferior in position or quality
  220. candid
    Adj: frank; honest; expressing one's honest opinion ; not posed or rehearsed
  221. criterion
    Noun: a standard of judgment
  222. dexterity
    Noun: skill and grace in physical movement; cleverness
  223. legitimate
    Adj: lawful; proper and acceptable ; genuine
  224. mediocre
    Adj: moderate to inferior in quality; ordinary
  225. meritorious
    Adj: worthy; deserving of praise
  226. truism
    "Noun: a statement of self-evident truth; a saying that
  227. validate
    Verb: to establish or confirm the truth or legality of something
  228. circumlocution
    Noun: the use of unnecessarily wordy and indirect language
  229. cogent
    Adj: logical and convincing; appealing to reason
  230. discourse
    Noun: formal speech or writing ;Verb: to speak or write formally and at length
  231. falter
    Verb: to hesitate or stammer in speech ; to move or function in an unsteady way
  232. literate
    Adj: able to read and write; knowledgeable; educated;well expressed
  233. prattle
    "Verb: to talk foolishly; to chatter ; Noun: foolish
  234. raconteur
    Noun: a person who tells stories and related incidents with skill and wit
  235. sophistry
    Noun: clever arguments that are misleading or incorrect
  236. utterance
    Noun: something that is said
  237. verbose
    Adj: using or containing too many words; excessively wordy
  238. afficionado
    (n) an enthusiastic fan or admirer
  239. bravado
    (n) false bravery; a boastful display of courage
  240. embargo
    (n) a government order preventing trade with another country
  241. flotilla
    (n) a small fleet of boats of ships
  242. hacienda
    (n) a large estate or ranch; the main house of such a ranch
  243. incommunicado
    (adj/adv) without a way to communicate
  244. junta
    (n) a group of military leaders who seize and hold power over a country
  245. peccadillo
    "(n) a small fault
  246. peon
    (n) an unskilled laborer or farm worker
  247. renegade
    "(n) an outlaw
  248. appreciable
    adj: noticeable; able to be perceived or estimated
  249. breadth
    noun: width; distace from side to side; a wide range
  250. copious
    adj: plentiful; abundant
  251. gargantuan
    "adj: gigantic; of immense size
  252. innumerable
    adj: too many to count
  253. inordinate
    adj: exceeding reasonable limits
  254. negligible
    adj: not enough to be worth considering; insignificant
  255. paucity
    noun: smallness of number; fewness; scarcity
  256. pittance
    noun: a very small amount; an inadequate wage
  257. proliferate
    "verb: to multiply
  258. arbitrary
    "adj: based upon impulse or random chance
  259. coincidental
    adj: happening or existing at the same time by accident
  260. contrive
    "verb: to cleverly plan
  261. deliberation
    "noun: slow
  262. fortuitous
    adj: happening by lucky accident
  263. haphazard
    adj: without plan or order; chosen randomly
  264. premeditated
    adj: planned or arranged in advance
  265. prophetic
    adj: foreseeing or predicting the future
  266. spontaneity
    noun: the quality of following personal impulse rather than outside influences or planning
  267. unwittingly
    adv: unknowingly; without awareness
  268. assert
    v. to state or express firmly
  269. ferocity
    n. fierceness
  270. flout
    v. to disobey openly; to defy
  271. foolhardy
    adj. unwisely bold; rash
  272. headstrong
    adj. determined to have one's own way; stubbornly and often recklessly willful
  273. incisive
    adj. clear and sharp in analysis or expression
  274. outspoken
    adj. frank and unreserved in speech; candid
  275. undaunted
    adj. not discouraged by danger or difficulty
  276. vehement
    adj. showing intense emotion or passion; forceful
  277. vibrant
    adj. pulsing with energy; vigorous; having bright colors
  278. disregard
    Verb: to ignore; to pay no attention to ; Noun: lack of proper attention or respect
  279. enthrall
    Verb: to capture someone's attention; to charm; to fascinate
  280. heedless
    Adj: not paying attention; thoughtless
  281. oblivious
    Adj: lacking awareness
  282. preoccupy
    Verb: to hold attention completely
  283. rapt
    Adj: deeply absorbed in something; engrossed
  284. receptive
    Adj: ready or willing to accept something
  285. scrutinize
    "Verb: to examine carefully
  286. tacit
    Adj: not spoken; understood from actions or statements
  287. vigilant
    Adj: watchful; on the alert
  288. dogmatic
    Adj: firmly stating personal opinions as truth
  289. epiphany
    Noun: the sudden realization of or insight into an essential truth
  290. pensive
    "Adj: deeply
  291. philosophy
    Noun: the study of reality based on logical reasoning rather than on observation or experimentation ; a personal set of opinions and values by which one lives
  292. plausible
    Adj: appearing to be true or reasonable
  293. ponder
    Verb: to think about carefully and thoroughly
  294. postulate
    "Verb: to assume the truth of something
  295. rationality
    Noun: logic and reasoning
  296. reverie
    Noun: a daydream; daydreaming; deep thought
  297. stratagem
    Noun: a cunning scheme meant to trick or deceive
  298. arid
    Dry; desertlike; Lacking feeling or interest
  299. dearth
    A scarce supply; an insufficiency of
  300. devoid
    Completely without something; lacking in
  301. excerpt
    noun: A small portion taken from a larger work; verb: to take �
  302. exhaustive
    Complete; including or considering all possibilities
  303. integral
    Essential or necessary parts of a whole
  304. paltry
    Very small and insignificant; lacking in importance
  305. plethora
    an excess of something; great abundance
  306. replenish
    To add or fill up again
  307. scant
    "Barely enough or sufficient
  308. Harrowing
    adj:�extremely disturbing or distressing; grievous
  309. Languid ��
    adj:�drooping or flagging from or as if from exhaustion : weak
  310. Rancor
    noun: bitter resentment or ill will; hatred; malice.
  311. August
    adj: of supreme dignity or grandeur; majestic: venerable; eminent
  312. Mollify
    verb: to soothe in temper or disposition : appease
  313. Fecundity
    "noun: fruitfulness or fertility
  314. Hubris
    noun: excessive pride or self-confidence; arrogance.
  315. Ostracize
    "verb: to exclude
  316. Nefarious
    adj: extremely wicked or villainous; iniquitous: a nefarious plot.
  317. Esoteric
    adj: understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest
  318. Equivocate
    "verb: to use ambiguous or unclear expressions
  319. Strident
    adj: making or having a harsh sound; grating; creaking:
  320. Ensconced
    adj: sheltered comfortably and safely; hidden
  321. Disabuse ��
    "verb: to free from error
  322. Soiree
    noun: an evening party or social gathering
  323. Ambiguous
    adj: Open to more than one interpretation; having a double meaning
  324. Ardent
    adj: Enthusiastic or passionate.
  325. Lethargic
    "adj: of
  326. Histrionic
    adj: deliberately affected : theatrical
  327. Oxymoron �
    noun: a combination of contradictory or incongruous words
  328. Expeditious ��
    adj: characterized by or acting promptly and efficiently
  329. Mesmerize �
    "verb: hypnotize; spellbind
  330. Camaraderie
    noun: a spirit of friendly good-fellowship
  331. Chimerical
    adj: Merely imaginary; produced by or as if by a wildly fanciful imagination; fantastic
  332. Heterodox ��
    "adj: contrary to or different from an acknowledged standard
  333. Deride
    verb: to �laugh �at �with �contempt; �to subject to ridicule or make fun of
  334. Modicum
    noun: a small or moderate or token amount.
  335. Adamant
    "adj: not �capable of being swayed by pleas
  336. Alacrity
    "noun: a cheerful or eager readiness or willingness
  337. Cogent
    adj: having �the �power to compel conviction; appealing to the mind
  338. Lampoon
    "noun: a light
  339. Pedestrian
    adj: without imagination; dull
  340. Talisman
    "noun: an object
  341. Laissez-faire
    "adj: the principle that business
  342. Magnanimous
    adj: showing a generous spirit; generous in forgiving
  343. Audacious
    "adj: daring
  344. Hapless
    adj: unlucky; unfortunate
  345. Debonair �
    "adj: suave
  346. Fastidious
    adj: hard to please; extremely refined or critical
  347. Eclectic
    adj: selecting and using what seems best from various sources or systems; made up of selections from various sources
  348. Parched
    adj: dried out with heat; extremely thirsty
  349. Perilous
    adj: full of danger or risk.
  350. Placate
    verb: make (someone) less angry or hostile.
  351. Query
    "noun: a question
  352. Reiterate
    "verb: say something again or a number or times
  353. Scandalous
    adj: causing general public outrage by a perceived offense against morality or law
  354. Sullen
    adj: bad-tempered and sulky; gloomy
  355. Torrid
    "adj: parched with heat especially of the sun : hot b: giving off intense heat : scorching; ardent
  356. Tortuous
    "adj: full of twists and turns; excessively lengthy and complex: ""a tortuous argument""."
  357. Travail
    noun: painfully difficult or burdensome work; toil.
  358. Valor
    noun: strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness : personal bravery
  359. Vex
    verb:to irritate; annoy; provoke: His noisy neighbors often vexed him.
  360. Zeal
    "noun: fervor for a person
  361. Apex
    noun: the highest point : peak
  362. Chastise
    verb: to censure severely : castigate
  363. Egregious
    adj: Conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible.
  364. Evanescent
    adj: tending to vanish like vapor
  365. Collude
    "verb: conspire
  366. Penchant
    noun: Inclination; decided taste; a strong liking.
  367. Amicable
    adj: characterized by friendly goodwill : peaceable
  368. Surreptitious
    "adj: Done
  369. Capricious
    adj: Apt to change suddenly; whimsical; changeable.
  370. Sardonic
    adj: characterized by bitter or scornful derision; mocking; cynical; sneering: a sardonic grin.
  371. Skulduggery
    "noun: Devious
  372. Bastion �
    noun: a place of security or survival
  373. Abeyance
    noun: Suspension; temporary cessation.
  374. Soporific
    adj: Causing sleep; tending to cause sleep.
  375. Agog
    "adj: Full of excitement or interest; in eager desire; eager
  376. Obfuscate
    verb: To make obscure or difficult to understand or make sense of; to confuse or bewilder.
  377. Hobnob �
    verb: to associate familiarly
  378. Quash
    verb: to nullify especially by judicial action
  379. Diabolical �
    "adj: of
  380. Bucolic
    adj: Relating to or typical of the countryside or its people; rustic.
  381. Archetype �
    noun: a perfect example
  382. Gravitas
    noun: high seriousness (as in a person's bearing or in the treatment of a subject).
  383. Inveterate
    adj: Firmly established by long persistence; deep-rooted; of long standing; fixed in habit by long persistence; confirmed; habitual.
  384. Inane ��
    noun: Silly; stupid; not significant
  385. Inexorable
    adj: unyielding; unchangeable; inflexible; relentless.
  386. Draconian
    adj: Excessively harsh; severe.
  387. Abscond
    verb: To depart secretly; to steal away and hide oneself -- used especially of persons who withdraw to avoid arrest or prosecution.
  388. Incipient
    adj: Beginning to exist or appear.
  389. Cajole
    "verb: To persuade with flattery
  390. Dolorous
    "adj: Marked by
  391. Consummate
    adj: complete in every detail : perfect; extremely skilled and accomplished
  392. Tutelage
    "noun: instruction
  393. Ergo
    adv: therefore consequently.
  394. Capricious
    adj: apt to change suddenly; whimsical; changeable.
  395. Encumbrance
    "noun: a burden
  396. Pugilist
    "noun: One �who �fights �with �the �fists; especially
  397. Ineffable
    adj: unspeakable;unutterable; indescribable.
  398. Behemoth
    "noun: something of monstrous size
  399. Querulous
    adj: habitually complaining.
  400. Vainglory
    "noun: Excessive ��pride ��in ��one's �achievements
  401. Abstruse
    adj: Difficult to understand; obscure.
  402. Baffle
    verb: to perplex; bewilder; puzzle
  403. Colossal
    adj: Extremely large.
  404. Dally
    "verb: Act or move slowly: ""workers were loafing
  405. Eccentric
    "adj: deviating or departing from convention
  406. Feasible
    adj: Possible to do easily or conveniently.
  407. Feign
    "verb: Pretend to be affected by (a feeling
  408. Gratification
    noun: the state of being satisfied
  409. Impeccable:
    adj: in accordance with the highest standards of propriety; faultless.
  410. Impudent
    adj: Not showing due respect for another person; impertinent.
  411. Loathe
    verb: feel intense dislike or disgust for
  412. Meager
    adj: Lacking in quantity or quality: lean; thin.
  413. Menace
    "verb: threaten

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