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  1. déarfadh sibh
    Ye would say
  2. Déarfaidìs
    they would say
  3. Déarfaimis
    • We would
    • say
  4. An ndèarfadh sè?
    Would he say?
  5. Rachainn
    I would go
  6. Rachadaís
    They would go
  7. Rachaimis
    We would go
  8. Rachadh Seán ach tá sé ag obair
    Sean would go but he is working
  9. an rachadh sé amaireach?

    Wouldhe be going tomorrow?
  10. rachadáis, ach níl aon bus inniú
    They would be going, but there isn’t a bus today
  11. tabharfadh sibh
    Ye would give
  12. Tabharfainn
    I would give
  13. tabharfadh sé

    He would give
  14. Tabharfaidis
    They would give
  15. ní thabharfadh sé solas an lae duit
    He wouldn’t give the light of the day to you
  16. an dtabharfadh tú cóta dom?
    Would you give the coat to me?
  17. tabharfainn dó, ach níl sé agam
    I would give to you, but I don’t have it.
  18. Thiocfainn
    I would come
  19. Thiocfaimis
    We would come
  20. thiocfadh sibh

    ye would come
  21. thiocfaidís
    they would come
  22. thiocfaidís murach an aimsir
    they would come were it not for the weather
  23. ni thiocfadh sé gan cóta
    he wouldn’t come without a coat
  24. an dtiocfadh sibh liom go dtí an trá?
    Would ye come with me to the beach?

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