pediatric quiz 2

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  1. birth to 1 month
    • weight gain of 5-7 oz. per wk., height gain 1" per first 6 months
    • head circunference increases by 1/2" per month
    • moro, babinski, rooting, and tonic neck reflexes present

    • some smiling, grasp reflex very strong, hands flexed
    • catches and holds objects in sight that cross visual field
    • can turn head side to side when lying in prone position, moves extrenities in a crawling fashion

    • cries when upset, makes enjoyment noise when eating
    • sucking activity
  2. 1 1/2 months
    • tears appear, smiling in response to familiar stimuli, less flexion noted, hands open, holds head up when prone, tries to raise shoulders and arms
    • cooing predominant, begins to repeat actions, babbling sounds
    • primary circular reactions, explores objects by touching or putting in mouth
  3. 2 1/2- 3 months
    posterior fontanel closes, aware of new environment, less crying, smiles at others, no longer has grasp reflex, pulls on clothes but does not reach for them, pumps arm, shoulders and head from prone position, no longer has moro reflex, symmetric body positioning, makes noises when spoken to, beginning of coordinated responses to different stimuli
  4. 4 months
    moro, rooting and tonic neck reflexes disappear, drooling begins, responds to stimulus, sees bottle, squeals, and laughs, shows interest to new environment, grasps items with two hands, eye-hand coordination begins, plays with hands, brings objects to mouth, balances head and body for short times in sitting position, laughs, makes g,b,k,n,
  5. 5 months
    may shows signs of teething, smiles at self in mirror, cries when limits are set or objects taken away, holds one object while looking for another, able to sit up and roll over, cooing noises, squeals with delight, can bear weight on legs, looks for an object that has fallen,
  6. 6 months
    • birth weight doubles, weight gain slows to 3-5 oz.per wk., plays peek a boo, fear strangers, holds bottle firmly, sits alone in chair, rolls back and forth, makes guh, bah sounds,
    • secondary circular reactions- realizes actions bring pleasure, beginning of object permanence
  7. 7 months
    imitates simple acts, responds to no, holds cup, reaches without visual guidance, duplicates ma-ma, pa-pa sounds
  8. 8 months
    more teething, dislikes diapers and clothes, afraid of strangers, fear of seperation from mother, the pincer grasp develops, stands up holding on to objects, crawls around, combines sounds but no meaning to it
  9. 9 months- 1 year
    birth weight tripled, has six teeth, anterior fontanel closes, does things to affect attention, holds tools with one hand and works with the other hand, stands alone, begins to walk alone, says ma-ma da-da with meaning,
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