Spanish AR Verbs

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  1. abrazar
    to hug, to embrace
  2. acampar
    to camp
  3. aconsejar
    to advise
  4. adelgazar
    to lose weight; to slim down
  5. ahorrar
    to save (money)
  6. aliviar
    to reduce (tension)
  7. almorzar (o:ue)
    to have lunch
  8. alquilar
    to rent
  9. apagar
    to turn off
  10. arrancar
    to start (car)
  11. arreglar
    to fix, to arrange, to neaten, to straighten up
  12. aumentar
    to gain weight
  13. ayudar
    to help
  14. bailar
    to dance
  15. bajar (de)
    to get off of/out of (vehicle)
  16. besar
    to kiss
  17. borrar
    to erase
  18. brindar
    to toast (drink)
  19. buscar
    to look for
  20. cambriar (de)
    to change
  21. caminar
    to walk
  22. cantar
    to sing
  23. cazar
    to hunt
  24. celebrar
    to celebrate
  25. cenar
    to have dinner
  26. cerrar (e:ie)
    to close
  27. cobrar
    to cash (check)
  28. cocinar
    to cook
  29. comenzar (e:ie)
    to begin
  30. comprar
    to buy
  31. confirmar
    to confirm
  32. conservar
    to conserve
  33. contar (o:ue)
    to count/to tell
  34. contaminar
    to pollute
  35. contestar
    to answer
  36. controlar
    to control
  37. conversar
    to converse, to chat
  38. costar (o:ue)
    to cost
  39. cruzar
    to cross
  40. cuidar
    to ake car of
  41. dan~ar
    to damage, to break down
  42. dar
    to give
  43. dejar (de)
    to let, to quit, to leave behind
  44. desarrollar
    to develop
  45. desayunar
    to have breakfast
  46. descansar
    to rest
  47. descargar
    to download
  48. desear
    to wish, desire
  49. dibujar
    to draw
  50. doblar
    to turn
  51. echar
    to throw
  52. empezar (e:ie)
    to begin
  53. encantar
    to like very much, to love (objects)
  54. encontrar (o:ue)
    to find
  55. ensen~ar
    to teach
  56. ensuciar
    to get (something) dirty
  57. enviar
    to send, to mail
  58. escuchar
    to listen to
  59. esperar
    to hope, to wish
  60. esperar (+infinitive)
    to wait (for), to hope
  61. esquiar
    to ski
  62. estacionar
    to park
  63. estar
    to be
  64. estornudar
    to sneeze
  65. estudiar
    to study
  66. evitar
    to avoid
  67. explicar
    to explain
  68. faltar
    to lack, to need
  69. fascinar
    to fascinate
  70. firmar
    to sign (a document)
  71. fumar
    to smoke
  72. funcionar
    to work, to funciton
  73. ganar
    to win, to earn (money)
  74. gastar
    to spend (money)
  75. grabar
    to record
  76. guardar
    to save (on a computer)
  77. gustar
    pleasure (to like)
  78. hablar
    to talk, to speak
  79. importar
    to be important to, to matter
  80. interesar
    to be interesting to, to interest
  81. invitar
    to invite
  82. jugar (u:ue)
    to play
  83. lavar
    to wash
  84. levantar
    to get up
  85. llegar
    to arrive
  86. llemar
    to call
  87. llenar
    to fill
  88. llevar
    to carry, to wear, to take
  89. limpiar
    to clean
  90. mandar
    to order, to send, to mail
  91. manejar
    to drive
  92. mejorar
    to improve
  93. meredar (e:ie)
    to snack
  94. mirar
    to look, to watch
  95. molestar
    to bother, to annoy
  96. mostrar (o:ue)
    to show
  97. nadar
    to swim
  98. navegar
    to surf the web
  99. necesitar
    to need
  100. olvidar
    to forget
  101. pagar
    to pay
  102. parar
    to stop
  103. pasar
    to go through
  104. pasear
    to take a walk, to stroll
  105. patinar
    to skate
  106. pensar (e:ie)
    to think
  107. pensar en
    to think about
  108. pensar (+infinitive)
    to intend to, to plan to do something
  109. pescar
    to fish
  110. planchar
    to iron (clothes)
  111. practicar
    to practice
  112. preguntar
    to question
  113. preparar
    to prepare
  114. probar (o:ue)
    to taste, to try
  115. quedar
    to be left over, to fit (clothing), to be left behind, to be located
  116. quemar
    to burn (a CD)
  117. recetar
    to prescribe
  118. reciclar
    to recycle
  119. recomendar (e:ie)
    to recommend
  120. recordar (o:ue)
    to remember
  121. regalar
    to give (a gift)
  122. regatear
    to bargain
  123. regresar
    to return
  124. respirar
    to breathe
  125. revisar
    to check
  126. rogar (o:ue)
    to beg, to plead
  127. sacar
    to take out
  128. saludar
    to greet
  129. sonar (o:ue)
    to ring
  130. sudar
    to sweat
  131. terminar
    to end, to finish
  132. tomar
    to take, to drink
  133. trabajar
    to work
  134. tratar de (+infinitive)
    to try
  135. usar
    to wear, to use
  136. viajar
    to travel
  137. visitar
    to visit
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