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  1. Amicus Curicus Briefs
    "friends of the court" purpose of raising additonal points of views/info not contained in the briefs of formal parties
  2. Americanism
    percular sence in which english words/phases is used in the United States
  3. Bush v. Gore
    Florida said Gore had one, unconsitant violated equal protection clause
  4. Bias
    partiality that preseve objects consideration of objects or situation
  5. Buckley v. Valeo
    candidates can use as much of their own money on their own campaign
  6. Bipartism
    involving 2 political power
  7. constituency
    body of votes who elect a representative for the area
  8. coalition
    combination union or mergier for some specific purpose
  9. citizens united v. FEC
    corporations may spend more in order to influence electoral process without conatiing to a campain
  10. cardstacking
    only presenting the infomation that is positive about the statement
  11. coattails
    tendency of candidates to win more votes in an election because of the presence of the top of the ticket of a better known candidate like a president
  12. Conservative
    favors local govenment, limited govenment, less regulations
  13. Critcal election
    election that signals a party realignment through voters polarization around new issues
  14. disenfranchisement
    deprive of a right such as voting
  15. Divided Government
    president and congress are controlled by the two different parties
  16. enfrandnisement
    freedome from political servitude
  17. electioneering
    campaign of a candidate to be elected
  18. Federal communication commission
    establishes wired and wireless communication
  19. Federal election campaign act
    providing public finacing for primaries and general elections, limited presidential campaign spending, attempted to limit donations
  20. Federal election commision (FEC)
    provides public finacing for presidentail primaries and elections
  21. front runner
    placing an order of a personal account before an institution trade
  22. grass roots
    common people at a local level
  23. iron triangle
    close relation between agency congressional committee and interest groups
  24. incumbent
    officals who holds office
  25. Hyper pluralism
    groups who are so powerful that govenment is weakend
  26. Linkage instituition
    channels through which people express perferences regarding the development of public policy
  27. Litigation
    a lawsuit
  28. Lobby and Lobbyist
    a group of people who try to actively try to influence legislation
  29. Lobbying Disclosure Act
    level of accountability to federal lobbying practices lobbyists were requites to register for the first time
  30. Lame Duck
    people still in office but he/she lost the bid for reelection
  31. McConnell v FEC
    money is not speech, upheld ban of soft money
  32. McCain Feingold Bill
    campaign fianced reform act. Raised hard money limit to $2000 and banned soft money contributes to national political portion
  33. McGovern Fraser Commission
    a commission formed at the 1968 democratic convention in response to demands for reform by minority groups and others who sought better representation
  34. Mandate theory of elections
    believe that election winner has a mandate to implement policy promises
  35. New deal coalition
    alignment of diverse groups dedicated to support the democractic party
  36. Name Calling
    democratic party needs to represent more minority parties
  37. National comittiee
    delegates who run party affairs between nationcal convention
  38. Orthodoxy
    correctness or soundness in theological truth
  39. political activist
    people outside govenment who activily promost a political party issue or philosphy
  40. press corps
    journalist invited to represents their news compaines at presidential press conf. and other events
  41. political efficacy
    beleive a person could influence plitical and public policymakers vote makes a difference
  42. Partisan
    devoted to a cause or party
  43. political socialization
    process in which a young person acquires political knowlege from imputes like parents, media, friends, and teachers
  44. political culture
    overall set of values widelty shared within a society
  45. political ideology
    coherent set of values and belifs about public policy
  46. presidential election campaign
    money, $3 federal income tax, check off goes into thi sfund then its distributed to qualified candidares to subsidize their presidential campaign
  47. Political action committes
    groups that collects money for candidates
  48. patroange/spoils system
    favors given to reward party loyality to their members
  49. proportional representation
    representation of all paries in proportion to their popular vote
  50. responsible party govenment
    set of principles formalizeing the ideal role of parties in majorititarian democracy
  51. Referendum
    process by which people vote directly on a bill
  52. Revolving door
    cycle:person alternately workds for public secotr or private sector, this blurring the indivicauls sence of loyality
  53. Swing vote
    the deciding vote
  54. Super tuesday
    day when seven states hold their presidential primaries
  55. statwart
    strong and study brave person
  56. slective perception
    seeing certain featuer of an objects or situtations but remaining blind to the others
  57. Trial Balloon
    info leaked to the press to see what reactions will be
  58. Vothing Right Act
    banned literacy acts and other unfair priaticies to keep African American from voting
  59. Winner-take-all system
    system candidate with most votes win
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