Meiosis; Biology

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  1. Prophase I
    -chromatids form tetrads with homologous chromosomes and crossing over or recombination takes place
  2. Metaphase I (2)
    -homologous chromosomes line up on opposite sides of equatorial plane

    -homologous chromosomes line up independently of the other resulting in independent assortment
  3. Anaphase I (2)
    homologous chromosomes are seperated

    -sister chromatids remain together
  4. Telophase I
    nuclear envelope reforms resulting in Haploid daughter cells
  5. Prophase II
    nuclear envelope dissolves
  6. Metaphase II
    chromosomes line up in the middle
  7. Anaphase II
    -sister chromatids are split apart
  8. Telophase II
    four haploid daughter cells formed
  9. Recombination or Crossing over (2)
    when tetrad chromatids exchange genetic information mixing paternal and maternal DNA

    -happens in prophase I
  10. independent assortment
    In metaphase I, chromosomes line up randomly increasing genetic variation
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