Biology 104

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  1. biosphere, ecosystem, community and population
    everything on earth, all organisms living in particular area, all organisms in ecosystem,specific organism
  2. tissues
    made of groups of similar cells
  3. molecules
    clusters of atoms
  4. organelles
    membrane-bound structures with specific functions
  5. cells
    living entities distinguished from thier environment by a membrane
  6. gene
    descrete unit of dna
  7. hypothesis based research
    uses discovery science to explain science
  8. discovery science
    uses varifiable observations and measurements to describe science
  9. theory
    is supported by a large usually growing amount of research
  10. hypothesis
    a proposed explanation-- a guess
  11. element
    a substance that cannot be broken down to other substances
  12. 4 elements that compose 96.3 percent of our bodies
    oxygen, carbon, hydrogen amd nitrogen
  13. CHNOPS
    carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur
  14. goiter
    absence of iodine-causes growth of thyroid in throat
  15. result of low iron
    body cannot transport oxygen
  16. compound
    substance consisting of 2 or more elements
  17. mass number
    number of protons plus number of neutrons
  18. nucleus
    part of cell that containsneutrons and protons
  19. atomic number
    amount of protons is atomic number
  20. atom
    smallest unit of matter that still retains the properties of the element
  21. isotopes
    variations in the atom which contain equal protons and electrons but differentnumber of nuetrons
  22. tracers
    radioactive material used to in medical diagnoses
  23. PET
    positron emission tomography detects location of injected radioactive meterial- heart, brain and cancers
  24. electron shells
    energy levels where electrons occur
  25. max number of electron in each electron shell
    2 in first shell, 8 in second and third shell
  26. what determines the chemical property of an atom
    number of electrons in outer most electron shell
  27. chemical bonds
    attraction between where the atom donates or recieves an electron
  28. ion
    atom or molecule with an electrical charge resulting from gain or loss of an atom- if an electron is lost a possitive charge results
  29. ionic bond
    when attraction holds ions together
  30. a covalent bond
    when atoms share an electron in it's outter electron shell
  31. molecule
    formed when covalent bonds hold atoms together
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