DSP Week 4 Quiz

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  1. Write the words of the chorus to the song "Rose of Deltasig"
    • Rose of Deltasig I love you, Rose of Delta Sigma Pi,
    • When the shades of night are falling I dream of days gone by;
    • As I go thru life's long journey, Memories will never die,
    • I will always hear you calling, Rose of Delta Sigma Pi.
  2. Write the correct abbreviation for a member of Delta Sigma Pi.
  3. In your own words, what is the mission of the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation?
    • -Raise funds for scholarship
    • -Promote brotherhood
    • -Ensure the existance of educational programs
  4. Name several ways to support the fraternity after graduation.
    • -Participating in the alumni chapter
    • -Attending chapter events
    • -Establishing an alumni chapter
    • -Donating money
  5. In your own words, define the ideal member
    • -Complies with morals and values
    • -Willing to sacrifice their viewpoint for the greater good
    • -Does everything with accuracy and precision
    • -Gives back to the Leadership foundation when able
  6. In your own words, define the ideal chapter
    • -All members succesfully carryout the chapters objectives
    • -All members work together well
    • -Members stay in constant contact with the central office, alumni, and other chapters
    • -Accomplish big things in the community
  7. What are the five categories of the Risk Management Policy?
    • -Alcohol and Drugs
    • -Statements on Hazing
    • -Discrimination and harassment
    • -House and meeting facilities
    • -Fraternity Events
  8. Name six provisions, from any of the categories, of the Risk Management and Conduct Policy.
    • -No member may serve/purchase/sell alcoholic beverages to any minor
    • -Must be designated non-drinkers at each event
    • -Non-alcoholic beverages must be provided at each event
    • -No drinking games prohibited
    • -Anybody who arrives to an event intoxicated must not be allowed in
    • -No "drinking" event can be planned under the name Delta Sigma Pi
  9. To whom does the Individual Code of Conduct and General Risk Management Policy apply?
    • -Members of DSP
    • -Faculty Members
    • -Pledges
    • -Colony members
    • -Employees

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