Philo test numero uno

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  1. Validity
    if the premises are true then the conclusion is true

    -the premises necessitate the conclusion
  2. Soundness
    valid and the premises are true (debateable)
  3. Modes Ponens
    If P=>Q and you have P, you must have Q
  4. Modes Tonens
    If P=>Q and you don't have Q, you don't have P
  5. wrong conditional reasonings
    If P=>Q and you don't have P, you don't have Q

    If P=>Q and you have Q, you must have P
  6. Necessary and sufficient
    • Necessary: Showing up is necessary for taking the test
    • <=======

    • Sufficient: Showing up is sufficient for taking the test
    • =======>
  7. Rationalism
    some apriori knowledge and some inferential knowledge
  8. Nativism
    apriori knowledge is innate
  9. Empiricism
    basic knowledge from 5 senses
  10. 1st meditation
    • start out doubting everything to deterime what you don't doubt
    • -bad senses
    • -All beliefs in external world (dream)
    • -Math and logic (evil demon)
  11. 2nd Meditation
    • Cogito- I think therefore I am
    • Wax example
    • -My knowledge of the wax is not just from the 5 senses
    • --When it melts I still know that iti s the same wax even though all of my senses tell me it's different
    • -Some knowledge must exist outside of 5 senses
    • --Rationalism
  12. 3rd Meditation
    • Trademark arguement
    • 1. I have an idea of God
    • 2. My idea of God represents an infinitely perfect being
    • -5. Everything has a cause
    • -6. the cause of my idea of an infinitely perfect being must be infinitely perfect
    • -7. I am not infinitely perfect
    • 3. I couldn't have such an idea if there were no such being
    • 4. An infinitely perfect being exists.
  13. 4th Meditation
    • Problem of error
    • -I freely believe things that are not clear and distinct
    • -Error comes from when we judge things that we don not clearly and distinctly percieve
    • ----Judgement=understanding and will
  14. 5th Meditation
    Reintroduce essential truths (primary ideas)

    • Ontological arguement:
    • 1. God is perfect.
    • 2. (Necessary) existance is a perfection
    • 3. God (necessarity) exists.
  15. Apriori
    Not from 5 senses
  16. Innate
    Not from 5 senses, had it before birth
  17. Necessary vs contingent
    • N:true in all possible worlds/situations
    • C:could have been false
  18. Meno
    • -Define virtue
    • -Problem of the one and the many
    • -Theory of the forms
    • -Knowledge of forms-----paradox of seeker
    • -recollection
    • -Proves by teaching slave geometry

    Plato is a nativist
  19. Knowledge
    • Justify true belief
    • -an opinion that can be justified by evidence
  20. Euthyphro
    Are things pious because the y are loved by the gods or do the gods love them because they are pious?

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