Form Hints

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  1. White Belt - Kicho Il Jang
    20-'big stance, low blocks'
  2. Yellow Belt - Kicho EE Jang
    20-'big stance, middle blocks'
  3. Orange Belt - Taeguk Il Jang
    18-'walking sides, big middle'
  4. Green Belt - Taeguk EE Jang
    18-'middle block, high block-', 7-8(9-10) block kick-punch, 13-14 single out-in block, block, 3x kick punch.
  5. Blue Belt - Taeguk Sam Jang
    20-'knife hand, middle block', 7-8(9-10) knife block punch,13-16 repeat, 2x block punch, 2x kick block punch.
  6. Brown Belt - Taeguk Sah Jang
    18-'Spear', 5 high block-knife strike, 6 kick punch, 7 side kick,9-10(11-12) snake kick out-in block, 13 high block-knife strike, 14 kick backfist, 15-16 block-punch, 17-18 block punch-punch.
  7. High Brown Belt - Taeguk Oh Jang
    20-'Hammer', 5 middle block-block,6-7 kick-backfist-block,9-10(11-12) knife-big elbow,13 low-middle block,14 kick low-middle block, 19 low-middle block, 20 kick jump backfist.
  8. Red Belt - Taeguk Yuk Jang
    19-'Snake', 5 high knife-hand, 6 roundhouse-snake-punch, 10 x-block, 11 high knife-hand, repeat 1-4, back up.
  9. High Red Belt - Taeguk Chil Jang
    22-'Tiger stance-high horse', 5-6 double knife low, 11 double fist, 12-13 scissors
  10. Deputy I Belt - Taeguk Pal Jang
    20-'Front attack', 8 double middle knife-hand
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