Micro test 3

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  1. The portion of an antigen to which a specific antibody binds is called the________.
  2. Define shock
    Condition with multiple causes characterized by low blood pressure and circulation of the blood inadequate to sustain normal function of vital organs: septic shock results from growth of microorganisms in the body: toxic shock results from a circulating exotoxin.
  3. The cells involved in the immune response which mature in the thymus are________.
  4. The HIV specifically inactivates ____________ cells.
  5. Innate immunity
    Host defenses involving anatomical barriers, sensor system that recognize patterns associated with microbes, and phagocytic cells.
  6. Pattern recognition
    Method by which the innate immune system recognizes invaing microbes; the system uses receptors and other molecules that bind lipopolysachr
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