English 101 Vocab Week 5

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  1. Pedagogy
    relating to school; the study of teaching children
  2. catalyst
    an agent that causes change
  3. cataclysmic
    a sudden or extreme disaster
  4. transpire
    become known, happen, occur
  5. annotate
    • to finish a literary work with critical
    • commentary; explanatory notes
  6. neonatal
    • relating to
    • newborn infants
  7. philosophy
    • the science
    • dealing with the general causes and principles of things
  8. detriment
    an injury or loss
  9. repercussion
    • the reaction to
    • or result of an action
  10. repudiate
    • to reject; to
    • refuse to accept as true
  11. relinquish
    to give up, to give back, to quit
  12. coerce
    to force to act or think in a certain way by use of pressure, threats or intimidation
  13. curtail
    • to cut short;
    • to reduce
  14. deference
    • yielding in opinion or judgment; courteous
    • respect
  15. deviate
    to turn aside from a course or way
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