Muscle Terms

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  1. tendon
    • muscle attachment
    • from bone to muscle
  2. aponeurosis
    • broad sheet of tendon
    • originally referred to tendon under scalp, now also refers to similar tendons assoc. with certain ab, lumbar, hand and foot muscles
  3. origin
    site of attachment at relatively stationarly end
  4. insertion
    attachment site at more mobile end
  5. action
    effect produced by muscle, whether it is to produce or prevent movement
  6. range or motion (ROM)
    number of degrees to which one bone can move relative to another at the joint
  7. flexion
    • movment that decreases a joint angle
    • usually in the saggital plane
    • in shoulder means to raise your arm as if pointing at something in front of you
    • in hip it means to raise the thigh like when climbing stairs
  8. extension
    • movement that straightens a joint
    • generally returns a body paret to the zero position
  9. hyperextension
    • extreme extension of a joint beyond point zero
    • in limbs means to move lib to a position behind the frontal plane of the trunk
  10. dorsiflexion
    foot up towards front of leg
  11. plantar flexion
    point toes down
  12. elevation
    movement that moves body part vertically (up) in frontal plane
  13. depression
    lowers body part in frontal plane
  14. abduction
    movement of body part in frontal plane away from the midline of the body
  15. adduction
    movemnt in frontal plane back toward the midline
  16. supination
    movement that turns palm to face anteriorly or upward; in anatomical position the forearm is supinated and the radius is parallel to the ulna
  17. pronation
    • opposite of supination
    • causes palm to face posteriorly or downward and the radius ot cross the ulna like an x
  18. inversion
    foot movement that tips the soles medially, somewhat facing each other
  19. eversion
    movment that tips soles laterally
  20. opposition
    to move thumb to touch the tip of any of the other four fingers
  21. right or left rotation (of axial skeleton)
    when face or chest turns to the right or left of the forward-facing zero position
  22. lateral or medial rotation (of appendicular skeleton)
    • movement in which a bone spins on its longitudinal axis
    • touching tummy is medial
    • the "vanna white" is lateral
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