Intro to Ethics

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  1. Chapter 15: Ethics and the Moral Life
    • Unlike Kantianism and utilitarianism, Aristotle"s moral theory is
    • primarily focused not on what it is right to do but on what it is good
    • to be; that is, on what character traits the good person possesses
    • (e.g., courage, truthfulness, self-control). Such an ethics of character
    • possesses a practical simplicity that offsets the greater logical
    • simplicity of an ethics of principles. We find moral guidance by looking
    • to a person who embodies, or a unified character type that exemplifies,
    • some human ideal. We become better, more virtuous, by imitating this
    • ideal as much as it is possible for us to do.
  2. Ethics of character
    • Moral theory like Aristotle's that focuses
    • primarily on what kind of person it is good to be, what kind of traits
    • it is good to embody; an ethics of Being as opposed to an ethics of
    • Doing.
  3. Ethics of principle
    • Moral theory like Kantianism or utilitarianism that
    • focuses primarily on what kind of action it is right to do; an ethics
    • of Doing as opposed to an ethics of Being.
  4. Moral exemplar
    Heroes and saints we strive imitate or be like, with varying degrees of success.

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