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  1. How many nerves are in PNS
    31 pair of spinal and 12 cranial
  2. Brown Sequard
    loss of pain, temp and light touch on opposite side, loss of motor function and vibration, position and deep touch sensation on same side as cord damage
  3. Paraplegia
    injuries at or below T2 may cause paralysis of the lower part of the body
  4. Spinal shock
    immediate, transient response to an injury in which reflex activity below the level of the injury temporarily ceases; paralysis is flaccid-as neurons regain, muscles become spastic
  5. Auto Dys only occurs
    after spinal shock is resolved and with injury at or above T6
  6. Why does pt receive methylprednisolone
    reduces the damage to the cellular membrane
  7. What is performed before crainiotomy
    cerebral angiography
  8. Area of skin supplied by sensory nerve fibers from a single posterior spinal root
  9. Surgical procedure done to alleviate compression of the spinal cord or nerves
  10. Visualization of the spinal cord and vertabra through the injection of a radiopaque dye directly into the subarachnoid space of the spinal cord
    myelography (l3 and l4)
  11. Spinal cord extends from
    brainstem to L2
  12. Spinothalamic
    carries pain and temperature lateral sensation from opposite side
  13. Corticospinal
    controls voluntary motor action
  14. Spinocerebellar
    Assists in coordination of muscle contraction
  15. Posterior columns
    carries touch, deep pressure, vibration and position sense
  16. Loss in all four extremities
  17. Injuries at or below what cause paraplegia
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