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  1. surface level of removable contamination on a received package must not exceed?
  2. Workers who receive in excess of X% of annual limits must be supplied with personal monitoring devices
  3. Dose rate in unrestricted area must not exceed

  4. Limit for total effective dose to occupational worker????

  5. The sum of the deep-dose equivalent and the committed dose equivalent to any individual organ or tissue other than the lens of the eye can not exceed
    • 50000mrem
    • 500msv
  6. annual limit to lens of the eye?
    15000mrem, 150msv
  7. Limit to skin of whole body or any extremity, SHallow dose equivalent??
    50000mrem, 500msv
  8. dose equvialent allowed to embryo/fetus of declared pregnant woman ?
    .5rem, 5msv
  9. If the dose to the embryo/fetus alrerady exceeds the limit at the time of pregnancy declaration, what is donE!!!!!?
    THe limit is set to .05rem, .5mSv for the remainder of the pregnancy.
  10. ANNUAL occupational dose limit for minors?
    10% of adult limits
  11. how long must exposure records of occupationaly exposed individuals that have been monitored be keep?
    Must be retained for duration of facility license.
  12. Survey and Calibration records must be retaind for how long? and must include what information?

    date of survey,results,instrument used, and name of individual who performed the survey.
  13. An area in which an individual could receive a radiation dose of 500rem (5grays) per hr at 1meter should be labeled?
  14. an area in which exposure levels could exceed .1rem (1msv) in 1 hr at 20 cm should be labeled?
  15. an area where exposure could reach 5mrem (.05msv) in 1 hr at 30cm should be labeled?
  16. Sign to be posted in areas where radioactive materials are used or stored?
    Caution: radioactive material.
  17. NRC and final delivery carrier must be notified if received package...
    removable contamination exceeds 22dpm/cm2, or survey meter exceeds 200mrem/hr at any point on package surface or 10mrem/hr at 1m.
  18. WHen packages are received during normal business hours required monitoring must be performed within X hrs? and for packages received outside of regualr hours?
    3hrs, and within 3hrs of beginning of workday.
  19. records of receipt of radioactive material must be kept for how long?
    as long as material is in possession or 3 years after disposal. package surveys are kept for 3 years.
  20. Records of disposal of radioactive materials must be kept for?
  21. For all materials held for decay in storage records must be retained for how long? and must inculde what information?
    3 years and must include date of disposal, survey instrument used, backround reading, survey meter reading at surface of container, name of individual performing.
  22. A written directive is defined as
    an authorized users written order, that must include date, signature of authorized user, patient name, dose, radiopharmecutical, route of administration.
  23. written directives must be retained for how long?
    3 years brah.
  24. Records for procedures for administrations requiring a written directice must be retained for?
    duration of license.
  25. records of dose calibrator and survey meter calibrations must be retained for? and contain what information?
    3 years of course. model and serial number, date of test, result of test and name of person performing test
  26. dosage records must be kept for how long??????????? and inc what info?
    3 years, and must include radiopharmecutical, patient name or id, prescribed dose, measured dose, date and time of dose determination, name of person doing determinations.
  27. individual who has received radiopharmecutical dosage can be released from control of license if no person who is exposed to released individual will receive exposure dose exceeding??
    .5rem, 5msv
  28. when must written instuctions explaing actions that should be taken to keep exposre to others as low as possable be given ?
    if any person who is exposed to released individual may receive more than .1rem (1msv) of exposure.
  29. records concerning release of patients given theraputic dosages must be kept for? and also include?
    3 years, insturctions to breast feeding women,
  30. common reactor produced by products
    99Mo, 133Xe, 131I, 125I, 51Cr, 153Sm, 89Sr, 32P
  31. Common accelerator produced radionuclides
    123I, 201Tl, 111In, all positron emitters
  32. criteria for DOT I
    .5mR/hr at contact and NDR at 1meter
  33. Criteria for DOT II
    50mR/hr @ contact and 1mR/hr at 1meter
  34. criteria for DOT III
    200mR/hr at contact and 10mR/hr at 1 meter
  35. what information must be included on the DOT labels?
    transport index (dose rate at 1 meter), the radionuclide, the amount of radioactivity contained.
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