Ammendments Quiz

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  1. Ammendment 1
    • Freedom of speech
    • Freedom of religion
    • Freedom of the press
    • Freedom of assembly (right to gather together)
    • Freedom to petition (write letters to gov't)
  2. Ammendment 2
    Right for state militia to bear arms
  3. Ammendment 3
    Government cannot make a person shelter and feed soldiers without their consent
  4. Ammendment 4
    Protection against unreasonable search and seizure
  5. Ammendment 5
    • Right to due process of law
    • Right to grand jury
    • Protection against self-incrimination
    • Protection against double jeporady
    • Government cannot take your property without paying you a fair price for it (eminent domain)
  6. Ammendment 6
    • Rights of the accused:
    • Right to be informed of charges against you
    • Right to confront the witnesses against you
    • Right to force witnesses to be there for you (subpoena)
    • Right to impartial jury
    • Right to speedy and public trial
    • Right to an attorney
  7. Ammendment 7
    Right to jury trial in civil cases
  8. Ammendment 8
    Protection against excessive bail, fines, or cruel/unusual punishment
  9. Ammendment 9
    People have other rights that are not listed here, not only rights
  10. Ammendment 10
    Any power not specifically delegated to the central government is reserved for states or the people
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