Romanticism history

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  1. 1798?
    publication of Lyrical Ballads
  2. what is special about this time period?
    only time period brought forward by a publication
  3. Romantics?
    • revolted against stuff in 18th century
    • main revolt: industrial revolution
  4. industrial revolution?
    • big factories are run w/ coal and creates a black smoke that kills the ozone layer and hurts nature
    • no child labor laws
  5. romanticism?
    a revolt against neoclassic age
  6. elements of romanticism?
    • nature
    • imagination
    • simplicity
    • common man
    • supernatural
    • exotic
    • sentual
    • revolution
    • going against establishment
  7. simplicity?
    living the simple life, like a family's daily routine etc
  8. common man?
    everyday guy
  9. supernatural?
    • out of the ordinary
    • not seen in everyday life
  10. exotic?
  11. sentual?
    • applying to the senses
    • hear, taste, touch, smell, feel
  12. revolution?
    fighting for underdog
  13. going against establisment?
    interested in causes of things
  14. What did jean jacques rosseau say?
    in natural state, human is a noble savage
  15. union jack?
    national flag of UK since 1801
  16. 3 combinations of union jack?
    • eng flag- white flag w/ red cross
    • scotland flag- diagonal white cross w/ blue
    • ireland - diagonal red w/ white
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