romanticism poetry

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  1. thomas gray wrote?
    elegy written in a country churchyard
  2. thomas gray?
    • found his subject matter in nature and the country
    • considered a pre-romantic
    • went to eton college
    • friends with Harrace Wallace
  3. william blake wrote?
    • the lamb
    • the little boy lost and found
    • the tyger
    • the fly
    • the sick rose
  4. the lamb?
    • jesus is the lamb
    • represents calm, passive, meek
  5. Tyger vs Lamb?
    • aggresive vs nonaggresive
    • shows that God makes everyone, both, even things from opposite ends
  6. The little boy lost and found?
    • the boy died
    • God is the father and he takes him to heaven
    • **treats kids well
  7. from songs of innocence?
    • the lamb
    • little boy lost
    • little boy found
  8. from songs of experiance?
    • the tyger
    • the fly
    • the sick rose
  9. the tyger?
    • counterpart of lamb
    • *God makes all creatures
    • symbol of aggression
  10. the fly?
    • compares self to fly
    • life is like a fly, disgusting
    • counter part to the little boy lost
  11. the sick rose?
    beautiful things that get eaten away
  12. William blake?
    • artist- did woodcuts and paintings
    • parents recognized him as a child prodigy
    • religous man
    • married to catherine boucher
  13. william blake's 2 major books?
    • songs of innocence
    • songs of experiance
  14. william blake's religion?
    • had his own
    • consisted of energy; 2 forces w/ aggression
  15. Robert Burns born?
    Alloway in Ayshire to a poor, farmers family
  16. Robert burns?
    • was a tax collector
    • poetry was written in scot's dialect
  17. Jeam Amour?
    robert burn's wife
  18. What did robert burns die from?
    rheumatic fever
  19. robert burns wrote?
    • john anderson
    • auld lang syne
    • to a mouse
    • to a louse
  20. robert burns poetry?
    • all poems are written in ballad form
    • **can be sung
  21. John Anderson?
    Man and woman have spent their entire life together and that they are nearing the end, so they will go (die) hand and hand together
  22. Auld lang syne?
    long time passed
  23. to a mouse?
    • the winter is coming and the mouse's home is destoyed by the farmers
    • you can plan all you want, but things still get screwed up
    • **al he's gotta worry about is food, but human has to worry about future
  24. to a louse?
    see ourselves as others see us
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