elegy written in a country churchyard

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  1. richard west?
    • who poem is written about
    • friend of Gray's who died at a young age
  2. elegy is?
    a mournful poem
  3. what is so special about this elegy?
    it is the icon for all elegy's ever written
  4. lines 1-16?
    • setting of the poem
    • reflects the past, and references the good ol' days
  5. lines 17-32?
    imagined life of forefathers- how he thinks the people lived
  6. example of simplicity of life in poem?
    • dad works out in field all day, mom takes care of kids and cooks, kids help with chores
    • *in the evening their all together eating
    • kids greet father after longday of work
  7. lines 33-44?
    • no matter how good you are, EVERYBODY DIES
    • rich vs. poor, it happens to the best of them; death is the equalizer
  8. "the paths of glory lead but to the grave" ?
    no matter how famous you are, you'll always end up dead
  9. lines 45-60?
    • latened possibilites of the people
    • had they had the opportunity, the person could've been something great like a scholar, musician , ruler, etc
  10. lines 61-92?
    no matter how small or insignificant someone is, every person wants to be remembered for something big or little
  11. far from the madding crowd?
    used as a title for a book by thomas hardy
  12. lines 93-116?
    thomas gray is talking about himself and how people will view him
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elegy written in a country churchyard
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english 19th century

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