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  1. What are the vessels of the aortic arch?
    1) Innominate (right only)

    2) Lt CCA

    3) Lt Subclavian
  2. The common hepatic artery divides into the ___and the ___arteries?
    Proper hepatic

  3. The celiac axis gives off the lt gastric artery which divides into the ___ and the ___?
    Common hepatic artery

    splenic artery
  4. Superior mesenteric artery arises from the orta at what point of the pancreas?
    The inferior border of the pancreas
  5. The aorta is ___ to the body of the pancreas?
  6. Superior mesenteric artery and vein are ___ to the uncinate process of the pancreas?
  7. Superior mesenteric artery and vein are ____ to the neck of hte pancreas?
  8. What vessels are in the portal triad?
    • Main portal vein
    • Proper hepatic artery
    • Common hepatic duct
  9. Gastroduodenal artery is ___to the pancteatic head?
  10. The common bile duct is ____ to the pancreatic head?
  11. The splenic artery follows a tortuous course along the ____ border of the ___ and ____ of the pancreas.
    • Superior
    • Body
    • Tail
  12. Which arteries run perpendicular to the renal capsule (the smallest renal artery)?
  13. How many segmental arteries branch off the main renal artery and where do they branch?
    5 segmental arteries

    Branch at the hilum
  14. Which arteries branch between the pyramids, in the kidneys?
    The Interlobar arteries
  15. The common bile duct and the duct of wirsung join to become the_____?
    • Hepaticopancreatic ampulla
    • (Ampulla of Vator)
  16. What does the splenic vein join to create the main portal vein?
    the superior mesenteric vein
  17. The right gastric artery is a branch of what artery?
    The proper hepatic artery
  18. The proper hepatic artery travels superiorly toward the liver - anterior to the portal vein and (RT or LT) of the bile duct?
  19. What is the intrasegmental vessels and why they called that
    Intrasegmental - means into the center

    • Portal triad - courses thru the center of each segment
    • (have hpyerechoic walls)
  20. What is intersegmental and which veins are they?
    • Intersegmental - means between
    • The hepatic veins course between the lobes and segments
  21. What does the celiac axis branch into? Three vessels
    • 1) Common hepatic artery
    • 2) Lt Gastric artery
    • 3) Splenic Artery
  22. From proximal to distal what are the branches of the aorta?
    • Celiac Axis
    • SMA-Superior Mesenteric
    • Bilat Renal Artery
    • Bilat Gonadal Artery
    • IMA- inferior mesenteric artery
  23. What are the reasons for IVC displacement, and the most common?

    • liver mass
    • rt renal artery aneurysm
    • tortuous aorta
    • rt renal/adrenal mass
    • retroperitoneal tumor
  24. With a dissecting anerysm, what parts of the aorta wall are seperating?
    The intima (the inner most part) seperates from the media (the middle segment)
  25. Where do the gonadal veins drain?
    The right drains into the IVC

    The Left drains into the lt renal vein
  26. Which side is the innominate artery located?
    Rt side only

    There are bilateral innominate Veins
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