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  1. What are the layers in the tunica vaginalis around the testicle?
    • Inner layer
    • -Visceral - touches the testicle
    • Outer layer
    • -Parietal - lines the scrotal chamber
  2. What is the sac or peritoneum called around the testicle?
    Tunica vaginalis
  3. Which tumors are malignant (the majority) of the time?
    Intratesticular lesions are malignant

    Extratesticular are usually benign
  4. What is a corpora amylacea? In the prostate
    Calcifications commonly seen in the inner gland of the prostate
  5. What is cryptorchidism?
    Hidden testicle

    Undescended testicle
  6. Where is a spermatocele located?
    • Cystic masses of the epididymis
    • - filled with sperm not clear fluid like cysts
  7. Where is a hydrocele located?
    Between the visceral and parietal layers of the tunica vaginalis
  8. What is the defining characteristics for a epidermoid cyst?
    • Echogenic capsule -
    • - Well defined, solid hypoechic mass with an echogenic capsule
  9. What is the most lethal and lest common form of herm cell tumors in the testicles?
  10. Are teratomas malignant or benign in the testicles?
    Usually benign in children

    Usually milignant in adults
  11. What are the 2 prepubertal testicular tumors?
    Most common - Yolk sac tumor, germ cell

    • Most common - nongerm cell - leydig cell tumor
    • usually benign (4-5 years old)
  12. What is the most common germ cell tumor in adults, in the testes?
  13. What are the 4 glandular zones in the prostate?
    • 1)peripheral zone - 70% of tissue, most ca
    • 2)Central Zone - 25% of tissue, ejact ducts pass thru
    • 3)Transitional zone - 5%, site of benign hyperplasia
    • 4)Periurthral zone - 1%, site of benign hyperplasia
  14. What zone does the ejaculatory duct pass thru to empty into the urethra?
    The central zone
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