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  1. What is the retroperitoneum located between?
    Between the transversalis fascia and the parietal peritoneum
  2. What is in the 3 pararenal spaces of the retroperitoneum?
    Anterior pararenal - pancreas

    perirenal space - kidneys and adrenals

    posterior pararenal - no organs
  3. Ther are 3 compartments in the retroperitoneum what are they?
    • Anterior pararenal space
    • perirenal space
    • posterior pararenal space
  4. What is a normal intestinal wall thickness?
  5. Where and what does the gastroesophageal junction look like?
    a target sign, bullseye

    posterior to the left lobe of the liver
  6. What causes a lymphocele? and what are its characteristics?
    Leakage of the lymph - disruption of the lymphatic channel

    fluid collection - cystic
  7. What is the charateristic sign of perivessel lymphoma?
    the sandwich or mantle sign
  8. Does lymph tissue cause acoustic enhancement?
  9. Does lymph tissue have acoustic enhancement?
  10. What disease process can cause splenic atrophy?
    sickle cell disease
  11. What does a splenic infarct look like sonographically?
    a wedge-shaped lesion in the spleen
  12. What can cause splenic infarcts besides trauma?
    Bacterial endocarditis

    Splenic artery aneurysms
  13. Sonographically what does a splenic abscess look like?
    Complex cysts, may have gas
  14. What is the most common cause for splenomegaly in adults?
    Alcoholic cirrhosis
  15. What is polysplenia?
    • Bilateral Left-sidedness
    • -multiple LUQ spleens, no GB, and cardiac defects
  16. What is Asplenia?
    • Bilateral right-sidedness
    • -no spleen, midline liver and GB, reversed AO and IVC, and cardiac defects
  17. What are the 11 structures located in the retroperitoneum?
    • 1)kidneys 2)adrenals
    • 3)Ascending and descending colon
    • 4)2, 3, and 4th part of the duodenum
    • 5)Pancreas 6)IVC
    • 7)Aorta 8)Ureters 9)Lymphatics
    • 10)superior mesenteric artery and vein
    • 11)Prostate
  18. What are the 2 most common causes of granulomas in the spleen?

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