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  1. sebright primary school
    audrey steet, off goldsmith row
  2. gloucester sq
    cester street - off whiston road
  3. eastside educational trust
    hackney road- sdor west bound
  4. premises cafe
    hackney road -sdor west bound past queensbridge road
  5. the princes foundation
    charlotte road -sdor down. forced l onto gt eastern road
  6. tommy gunns hairdressers ec2
    charlotte road - sdol down. forced l onto gt eastern road
  7. shoreditch old town hall
    old street - sdol west bound
  8. old st magistrates court
    old street - sdor west bound
  9. cantalope bar
    charlotte road- sdol down. forced l onto gt. eastern road
  10. hoxton pony bar
    curtain road. sdor
  11. elbows bar
    curtain road. sdol
  12. rivington grill
    garden walk - sdol in from gt. eastern street
  13. charlie wrights bar
    pitfield street- sdol
  14. society of genealogists
    charterhouse buildings- off clerkenwell road/ goswell road junction
  15. florin court
    charterhouse buildings
  16. the hospital club
    endell street - on cnr shorts gardens
  17. ferrari cafe
    west smithfield
  18. cavendish mansions
    clerkenwell road, on corner of roseberry avenue
  19. dudley court
    endell street -sdol down
  20. cafe mode
    endell street- sdol down
  21. lobby bar
    no 1 aldwych
  22. axis restaurant
    no 1 aldwych - only from bridge or stand west bound
  23. strand palace hotel
    exeter street/ strand
  24. forge restaurant
    floral street- sdol at the beginning
  25. verve bar
    upper st martins lane/ on cnr gt. newport st - sdor down
  26. hakuba bar
    gt. russel street- sdol next to ymca central
  27. cafe pacifico
    langley street -sdol down
  28. barbados high comission
    gt. russell street -sdor in opp ymca central
  29. radisson edwardian kenilworth hotel
    gt. russel street
  30. bloomsbury hotel
    gt. russell street - sdor just past adeline place
  31. cheshire hotel
    gt russell street- sdol just past adeline place
  32. swiss church
    endell street - sdor in
  33. jockeys fields
    theobalds road/ bedford row in one way
  34. wolfson centre
    mecklenburgh sq. lve by doughty st, l/r guilford street
  35. the merchant centre
    new street sq
  36. tito's restaurant wc1
    grays inn road- (gone) now called peregrines pianos. sdol just before guilford street
  37. society bar
    blackfriars lane- in pagentmaster court, pilgrim st, ludgate bdwy, blackfriars lane. sdor down
  38. apothecaries hall
    blackfriars lane- in pagentmaster court, pilgrim st, ludgate bdwy, blackfriars lane. sdol down
  39. linklaters law firm
    silk street
  40. guildhall school of music and drama
    silk street
  41. speed house
    silk street
  42. wilton sq
    baring street
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