Chapter 85.

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  1. A ball and socket joint used in the front suspension to allow up and down and turn motion of the front wheel.
    ball joints
  2. A rubber or urethane stop to limit upward suspension travel.
    bump stop
  3. A spring steel rod wound in a spiral (helix) shape.
    coil springs
  4. A suspension link that connects a knuckle or wheel flange to the body or frame of the vehicle
    control arms variation
  5. A structural support for the engine and transaxle on a frontwheel drive vehicle.
  6. Abbreviation for gross vehicle weight.
  7. A suspension system that allows a wheel to move up and down without undue effect on the opposite side.
    independent suspension
  8. A pivot pin commonly used on solid axles or early model twin I-beam axles that rotate in bushings and allow the front wheels to rotate.
  9. Suspension arms that control the side-to-side movement of the wheels and vehicle.
    lateral links
  10. A spring made of several pieces of flat spring steel.
    leaf springs
  11. A mounting that allows the end of a leaf
    spring to move forward and backward as the spring moves up and down during
    normal operation of the suspension.
  12. A suspension component that links and
    controls the action and reaction of the springs.
    shock absorbers
  13. Used as a buffer between the suspension and the frame or body and used to absorb wheel movement plus support the weight of the vehicle.
  14. The weight of a vehicle that is supported by the suspension.
    sprung weight
  15. A hardened steel bar connected to the frame
    and both lower control arms to prevent excessive body roll. Also called an anti-sway or anti-roll bar.
    stabilizer bars
  16. The inner portion of the spindle that pivots on the king pin or ball joints.
    steering knuckles
  17. Suspension member used to control
    forward/backward support to the control arms.
    strut rod
  18. A structural part of a suspension that includes the shockabsorber.
  19. A type of spring in the shape of a straight
    torsion bar
  20. The parts of a vehicle not supported by the
    suspension system.
    unsprung weight
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