English vocab 1984

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  1. Flagrant
    Something that is obviously wrong or offensive
  2. Ossify
    Become hardened or opposed to change
  3. Inexorable
    Impossible to stop or prevent
  4. Prosaic
    Matter- of- fact, dull expression
  5. Impudent
    Not showing respect; shameless
  6. Wheedle
    Flattery to persuade someone to do something
  7. Torpid
    Mentallyh or physically inactive
  8. Zealot
    Person who is fanatical in pursuit of religion, politics, or ideas
  9. Lethargy
    Lack of eneryg; tired
  10. Privation
    When essentials for human well-being is lacking
  11. Lassitude
    Condition of weakness or debility; fatigue
  12. Urbane
    Someone who looks very sophisticated or upper class
  13. Frowsy
    Lacking neatness in dress or person
  14. Febrile
    Having a high temp./ exploding
  15. Etiolate
    Pale from lack of sunlight
  16. Genial
    Cheerful and friendly
  17. Fecundity
    Capacity of abundant production
  18. Demur
    To make objection
  19. Hersey
    Blief, thought, or idea that contradicts or opposes common beliefs or ideas.
  20. Odious
    Something deserving intense hatred
  21. Unorthodox
    Contrary to what is usual,traditional, or accepted
  22. Sanguine
    Of or relating to the color of blood
  23. Furtive
    Attempting to avoid attention, typically because of guilt or belief it would lead to trouble
  24. Labyrinthine
    Complicated, mazelike
  25. Nebulous
    Idea that is unclear
  26. Archaic
    Belonging to an earlier time; ancient
  27. Officious
    Aggressively offering unwanted services
  28. Tentative
    Not fully worked out; hesitant
  29. Niggling
    Small an dof little importance
  30. Myriad
    Large non-exact number of things
  31. Eccentricity
    An oddity or peculiarity
  32. Aquiline
    Of, relating to, or having the characteristic
  33. Strident
    Having a shrill, irritating quality or charater
  34. Pedantic
    Overly conscientious about little details in learning
  35. Sodden
    thoroughly soaked or absorbed
  36. Copious
    Large in number or quality
  37. Pugnacious
    Having a tendancy to quarrel or fight easy
  38. Equivical
    Open to more than one interpretation
  39. Hedonistic
    Persuit of or devotion to pleasure
  40. Harangue
    Loud, forceful, or angry speech
  41. Tacit
    Understood, or implied, without expression
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