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  1. social roles
    positions that are regulated by norms about how people in those positions should behave
  2. norms
    rules about how we are supposed to act, regulate human life
  3. culture
    a program of shared rules that govern behavior of people in a community and set of values and beliefs shared by most members and passed from each generation
  4. arab
    swedes and english
    • stand super close, feel breath/arms touch
    • find that uncomfortable
    • stand farthest apart
  5. milgram study
    • obedience to authority
    • shocks for wrong answers
    • yale 1960s
  6. prison study
    • college students take rol of prisoners/guards
    • 1973 zimbardo
    • ended after 6 days
    • prisoners:distressed, helpless,panicky
    • guards:1/3 nice 1/3 tough/fair 1/3 tyrants
    • how situations outweigh personalities
  7. obedience
    • not always harmful
    • justify behavior by making authority responsible
  8. entrappment
    gradual process, commitment to a course of action to justify investment or time
  9. primary reason people obey
    deeply convinced of authorites legitimacy
  10. compliance
    propensity to acede to the requests of others even at the expense of your own interest
  11. get people to agree to small requests more likely toa gree to larger requests
    foot-in-door phenomenom
  12. when someone does something nice , yo do something nice in return
    norms of reciprocity
  13. how peoples perceptions of themselves and others affect their relationships and how the social environment influence thoughts, beliefs, and values
    social cognition
  14. how people determine the cause of what they observe
    attribution theory
  15. cause of an action as something in the situation or environment
    situational attribution
  16. cause of an action something in the person trait or motive
    dispositional attribution
  17. overestimate personality factors and inderestimate influence of the situation
    • fundamental attribution error
    • individual responsible for acts
    • situation responisble for acts
  18. tendency in explaining ones own behavior to rationalize ones mistakes and take credit for good action
    self serving bias
  19. need to believe the world is fair, justice will prevail and bad guys get punished
    just-world hypothesis
  20. pygmalion in classroom
    • self fulfilling prophesy
    • rosenthal effect:teachers think smart students will do better
  21. relatively stable opinions, beliefs about people, groups, ideas, activities
    • attitudes
    • unaware
    • aware
  22. person or group can influence the attitudes of others
    • persuasion
    • more persuasive
    • more attractive is more likeable/trustworthy
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