cold war test part 1

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  1. leader of south korea during war
    syngman rhee
  2. popular with the US; overthrew cuba
    fidel castro
  3. leader of north korea during war
    kim il sung
  4. led communists; bad
    mao zedong
  5. led nationalists; good
    chiang kai-shek
  6. led un troops during korean war
    ; spoke out publicly against truman, so truman fired him
    douglas macarthur
  7. republican candidate who ran against truman in the election of 1948
    thomas dewey
  8. represented the southern democrats in election of 1948
    strom thurmond
  9. picked by the progressive party in the election of 1948
    henry wallace
  10. john dulles?
    • sec of state who thought a liberation policy would have a stronger approach
    • opposed truman's containment policy
  11. who felt that the only way to get the soviets to agree on anything was to push them to the brink of war?
    john dulles
  12. leader of the soviets; talked about working with the US
    nikita krushchev
  13. head of the FBI?
    j edgar hoover
  14. whittaker chambers?
    • time magazine editor
    • recieved US govt documents from Hiss, known as the pumpkin papers
  15. alger hiss?
    state dept official accused of being a communist spy
  16. the rosenbergs?
    • julius and ethel were arrested, convicted and executed for espionage
    • ethel was believed to have typed the documents, which was fake
  17. john kenneth galbraith?
    • economist
    • said that updated technology allowed the US to produce lots of goods and services for americans
  18. Dr. Jonas Salk?
    developed the vaccine for polio
  19. berlin airlift?
    • germany was divided in half by allies
    • soviets took eastern germany and france, GB, US took western half and created 3 sectors
    • allies decided to form 1 govt for west by stalin didnt want it so he cut off supplies into east berlin
    • we airlifted supplies over the blockade
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