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  1. repeated exposure increses
    validity effect
  2. brainwashing
    coercive persuasion
  3. the uncomfortable feeling when 2 attitudes are in conflict
    cognitive dissonance
  4. people are likely to alter their behaviors to fit their cognition
    leon festinger
  5. modification of behavior to make it agree with the group
  6. solomon asch
    • 1965, what people do when confronted witht he obvious wrong answer
    • 20% remained independent
    • 33% conformed
  7. individualists cultures
    collectivists cultures
    • US. individual goals and wishes prized above the group
    • asian, harmony in group
  8. tendency to think alike and supressdecent
    • groupthink
    • war in iraq
    • challenger shuttle
    • vietnam war
  9. group think produces:
    janis 1989
    • illusion of invulnerability
    • self cencorship
    • pressure on dissenters to conform
    • illusion on unanimity
  10. dont take responsibility for actions, others will do so
    diffusion of responsibility
  11. thinking someone else will step in
    bystander apathy
  12. each member of a group slows down, etting others work harder
    social loafing
  13. loss or awareness of ones individuality in groups or crwods
  14. tendency of a group to make more extreme decisions than the group members would individually
    group polarization
  15. increase in performance on a task performed in the presence of others
    social facilitation
  16. presence of others make the performance worse
    social inhibition
  17. willingness to speak up for an unpopular cause
  18. behavior that is harmful to society or others
  19. emotional/impulsive typically indiced by pain or stress
    hostile aggression
  20. committed to gain something of value
    instrumnetal aggression
  21. hormonal fluctuations increase aggression
  22. biological factors
  23. children will become aggressive if they see adults model that behavior
    albert bandura
  24. feelign of frustration makes aggression more likely
    frustration aggression hypothesis
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