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  1. What % of body is muscle?
  2. Name 3 types of smooth muscle.
    • Crdiovascular tissue
    • Digestive Tissue
    • Respiratory tissue
  3. What does a synergistic (secondary muscle) do?
    Assist the "prime Mover" in any given exercise
  4. What is cardiac muscle?
  5. Roughly define what an "antagonistic" muscle is
    A muscle whos action opposes another designated muscle
  6. What are 3 of the primary functions of the Skeletal system?
    • Protects vital organs
    • Provides for body's vertical shape
    • Allows for mothion via muscle attachments to bones
    • Builds blood cells
  7. What does a tendon do?
    Attaches muscles to bones
  8. Primarily, how does the permisium and epimysium differ from the endomysium?
    Endomysium surrounds the individual fiber
  9. Left ventrical of the heart muscle adats to weight training by getting_________________ while adapting to aerobics by getting____________
    • Thicker/Stronger
    • Thinner/increased volume
  10. What is a motor unit?
    A bundle of like-fibers; Example: bundle of white fast twitch fibers is a "White Fast Twith motor Unit"
  11. List how blood flow differs----
    White fast twitch
    Red fast twitch
    Red slow twitch
    • least blood flow
    • average blood flow
    • greater blood flow
  12. What does a ligament do?
    attaches bones to bones
  13. How does strength differ ---
    White fast twitch
    Red fast twitch
    Red slow twitch
    • Greateest strength
    • moderate strength
    • least strength
  14. how does endurance differ
    White fast twitch
    Red fast twitch
    Red slow twitch
    • Least endurance
    • Moderate endurance
    • Greastest endurance
  15. What rep ranges optimize their effect on ----
    White fast twitch
    Red fast twitch
    Red slow twitch
    • 4-6
    • 12-15
    • 20-25 rep range
  16. Function of Mitochodrea
    Powerhouse of the cell creating ATP energy
  17. Function of myofibril
    Structural fibers providing for movement and strength
  18. Where can ribosomes be found & what do they do
    Rough Sarcoplasmic Reticulum; the "assembly line" that produces actin myosin in the myofibrils (performs protein synthesis)
  19. what is the order of motor unit recruitment in a high rep set?
    • Red Slow Twitch
    • Red Fast Twitch
    • White Fast Twitch
  20. Is the pump good for size and strength training?
    No; inhibits contractions causing failure prior to optimally damaging myofibrils (required for growth)
  21. What is one example of a hinge joint
    • elbow
    • knee
  22. What is a n eccentic contraction
    The negative part of the repetition; movement that returns levers to the starting position of the "concentric" exercise
  23. What is a isotonic contraction
    ANY contraction that results in the movement of a joint
  24. The sartorius is part of wich muscle group?
  25. What does a muscle spindle do
    Causes a contractile response just short of tearing tissues during stretching that is to extreme
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