Pharm Chapter 12

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  1. How does penicillin work
    Interferes with the creation of the mucopeptide cell wall
  2. Adverse reactions to penicillin
    Neuropathy, itchy spot, nausea, vomiting, hives, laryngeal edema, and anaphylaxis
  3. Sulfonamides work by
    having a bacteriostatic effect against gram + and � by inhibiting folic acid syntheses
  4. Sulfonamides usually treat
    UTIs, cystitis, acute Otis media, pyelitis
  5. People can have photosensitivity to
  6. Sulfonamides are more fully absorbed when
    taken on an empty stomach
  7. Mixed infection
    both infections at the same time
  8. Secondary infections
    one after another
  9. Use of antacids may limit absorption of
  10. Food, milk or dairy products may limit absorption of some antibiotics
  11. What drug has generations?
  12. Cipro has been approved for treatment and prophylaxis of what
  13. Main action of antitubercular drugs
    intra or extracellular bacteriostatic effect against M tuberculosis
  14. What is the only chemoprophylaxis drug for TB?
  15. Isoniazid should be taken on
    empty stomach
  16. TB drug should be taken
    with food or milk
  17. Metronidazole (flagyl) is used to treat
    amebicides, trichomonas vaginalis can�t be taken with booze
  18. Chloroquine is
    antimalarial agent and for RA
  19. Aminoquinoline is for
  20. Staphylococcus causes
  21. Treponema pallidum causes
  22. What effect do sulfonamides have on high BP meds?
    May increase the effect of BP med
  23. What instruction should you have to patients taking sulfonamides?
    Drink large amount of water to decrease risk for urinary stones
  24. What lab tests are done before putting patient on sulfonamides?
    Kidney function, CBC, urinalysis
  25. Serious adverse effects of sulfonamides
    blood dyscrasias, anaphylaxis, toxemia
  26. What increases effect of sulfonamide?
    Probenecid, aspirin, indomethacin
  27. Decreases absorption?
  28. Decreases effect of drug?
  29. Increases effect of drug
    oral anticoagulants, diuretics, phenytoin, uricosuric agents
  30. Three types of major adverse reactions seen with antibiotic therapy
    superinfections, hepatoxicity, allergic reactions
  31. If a patient is allergic to penicillins, the drug of choice is
  32. Symptoms of bone marrow depression caused by the use of antiinfectives are
    bruising, petechiae, sore throat
  33. What causes severe GI upset
  34. What causes fatal colitis
    clindamycin and lincomycin
  35. What causes nephrotoxicity
    bacitracin, colistin, aminoglycosides
  36. Difference between oral and parenteral antibiotics is oral antibiotics are
    safer, whereas parenteral should be used with caution
  37. What does 3rd generation mean?
    More effective against resistant organisms
  38. Drug resistance is related to the
    long term nature of the required treatment
  39. The drugs used in treating TB that do not kill bacterium but prevent spread are
  40. Drug resistance is likely to occur
    when only one drug is used
  41. Many meds used to treat TB are associated with severe tissue damage to
    kidneys and nerves
  42. Re TB, primary agents are
    more effective than secondary agents
  43. Use of ethambutol may lead to development of
    psychologic changes
  44. What parasite causes amebiasis
    entamoeba histolytica
  45. What is meant by extraintentinal infection
    infection outside of GI tract, such as hepatic abscess
  46. What are the two main drugs used for treatment of amebiasis
    metronidazole and paromomycin
  47. What amebicide causes poor coordination
  48. Antimalarial preparations are used for
    suppressing and treating aacute malaria
  49. Cinchonism is
    quinine poisioning
  50. The use of antimalarial drugs can cause what
  51. Symptoms of malaria include
    periods of fever and chills, headache and nausea, and profound sweating
  52. If pt takes birth control pills with ampicillin,
    period may be irregular
  53. If pt is receiving sulfonamide drug, urine production may decrease. What should LPN do?
    Report to doctor
  54. Who would not be a candidate for tetracycline?
    7 year old with no history
  55. Name brand sulfonamide?
  56. Hookworm treatment can affect
  57. Penicillin�s action is
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