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  1. T/F
    Barbiturates are CNS depressants
  2. Barbiturates are primarily used as______________________.
    sedatives, hypnotics, and also to treat sleep disturbances, anxiety and convulsive disorders.
  3. Define
    sleep inducing
  4. The therapeuticutility of the barbs and other CNS depressants is limited because of:(list5reasons)
    • their dose-related CNS depression
    • residual CNS depression
    • abuse potential
    • suicide potential
    • drug interactions.
  5. The barbs are all substituted derivitives of______________________,which is_______________________________.
    barbituric acid, a synthetic condensation product of malonic acid and urea.
  6. Are the barbs acidic, basic, neutral, or amphoteric?
  7. What functional group type in the barbs determines their acid/base properties?
  8. The rate and extent of barbiturate distribution to its site of action in the CNS are primarily dependent upon_________________________________.
    drug lipophilicity
  9. T/F
    The greater the lipophilic character, the more readily a barbiturate redistributes from the CNS to adipose tissue,and the longer its duration of action.
    • False
    • shorter
  10. Barbs and their metabolites are eliminated primarily by____________ mechanisms
  11. The rate of elimination of the barbs can be enhanced by____________of the urine
  12. Why might IR analysis of the barbiturates be a problem (2 reasons)
    • polymorphism
    • certain barbiturates do not crystallize but form amorphous masses
  13. What are the two recommended solvents for GC/MS analysis of the barbs?
    Methylene chloride or chloroform
  14. T/F
    Barbiturates have a predominant molecular ion in MS analysis
    • False
    • do not yield a molecular ion
  15. Methyprylon is promoted as a____________________drug.
  16. What is the approximate half-life of chloral hydrate?
    one the order of minutes
  17. What is the approximate half-life of trichloroacetic acid(TCA),a metabolite of chloral hydrate?
    4 days
  18. Briefly describe the preferred method of analysis of chloral hydrate?
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