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  1. unsaturated hydrocarbon
    contains one or more multiple bods
  2. alkene
    • contains carbon-carbon double bond
    • general formula CnH2n
  3. alkyne
    • contains carbon-barbon triple bond
    • general formula CnH2n-2
  4. arenes
    • bezene and its derviatives
    • carbon rings
    • as a substituent is the phenyl group
  5. structure of double bonds
    • one sigma bond formed by overlap of the sp2 hybrid orbitals
    • one pi bond formed by the overlap of parallel 2p orbitals

    the two carbon bonds and the atoms bonded to them lie in a plane

    bond angles approx 120
  6. cis,trans isomers
    • isomers that have the same connectivity but a different arrangement of thier atoms
    • configuration determined by the orientation of atoms of the main chain
    • cis: same side of double bond
    • trans: opposite sides of double bond
  7. Index of Hydrogen deficiency (IHD)
    • the sum of the numbers of rings and pi bonds in a molecule
    • compare the number of hydrogens in unknown compund with reference hydrocarbon
    • ref hydrocarbon formula CnH2n+2
    • IHD= (Href-Hmolecule)/2
    • for group 5 element, subtract 1 H
    • for group 6 element, no correction
    • for group 7 element, add 1 H
  8. IUPAC nomenclature
    • infix -en
    • double bond gets the lowest number
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