cold war test part 2

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  1. korean war?
    • never officially ended
    • war continued for 3 years
    • korea is still divided and 38th parallel is a DMZ
  2. who ran in the 1948 election?
    • truman (dem)
    • dewey (rep)
  3. who won 1948 election?
    • truman
    • had support from farmers, african americans and laborers
  4. baby boomers?
    • rapid birth rate 1945-1961
    • more than 65 million kids were born
  5. fair deal?
    • trumans plan
    • wanted to aid farmers, rid of slums, create a higher minimum wage and provide money for public schools
  6. main thing the fair deal dealt with?
    fears of communism among americans
  7. what you can actually buy with your money
    real purchasing power
  8. prices increase rapidly when product demand exceeds supply
  9. forcing business owners to hire only union member
    closed shop
  10. instant attack with nuclear weapons
    massive retaliation
  11. HUAC?
    • formed to investigate communist and fascist activties
    • *didnt do much
  12. NATO?
    • created collective security
    • *1st commander was eisenhower
  13. taft hartley act?
    intended to keep unions from abusing their power
  14. what did the taft hartley act outlaw?
    closed shops and union shops
  15. if 1 nation is attacked, considered attack on all nations in alliance
    collective security
  16. GI Bill?
    • used by many soldiers
    • 8 million vets used it at a cost of $14.5 billion
  17. help provide jobs during peace?
    employment act
  18. marshall plan?
    massive recovery plan that offered financial assistance to european nations
  19. what organizations did the marshall plan create?
    the organization for european economic cooperation, responsible for handing out aid
  20. truman doctrine?
    provided military support to greece and turkey
  21. containment?
    stopping the spread of communism
  22. the alliance formed by stalin with satellite nations in response to NATO
    warsaw pact
  23. black list?
    list of hollywood stars who were though to be communist
  24. modern republicanism?
    conservative w/ money but liberal w/ programs that helped americans
  25. allowed president to ask congress for authority to send military forces to middle east if a country asks for assistance against communism
    eisenhower doctrine
  26. highway act?
    41,000 miles of highways were built
  27. how did african americans benefit after the war?
    • more opportunities opened up in white collar jobs
    • incomes doubled
    • began to work for the civil rights movement
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