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  1. ascites
    acumulation of fluid within the peritoneal vacity, which is a symptom of liver dysfunciton
  2. aphagia
    inability to swallow
  3. dysphagia
    difficulty in swallowing
  4. flatus
    condition of gas trapped in the FI tract or released through the anus
  5. -dynia
  6. halitosis
    bad breath
  7. hematemesis
    vomiting blood
  8. hyperbilirubinemia
    excessive levels of the bile pigments, bilrubin, in the blood
  9. juandice
    a yellowish staining of the skin, sclera of the eyes and deeper tissues, caused by the accumulation of bile pigments in the bloodstream, which are normally removed by the liver, and thus is a symptom of liver dysfunction.

    It may also be a symptom of red blood cell destruction
  10. reflux
    backward flux or flow of material in the GI tract
  11. steato
  12. steatorrhea
    abnormal fat levels in the feces
  13. adhesion
    • abnormal growth that connects 2 surfaces.
    • May arrise as a complication to healng after surgery
  14. cheil-
  15. cheilitis
    inflammation of the lip
  16. cholelithiasis
    generalized condition of gallstones
  17. cirrhosis
    chronic, progressive liver disease that results from hepatic cell failure,

    May be caused by chroni alcoholism or viral infection
  18. Choledocholithiasis
    presence of mineralized masses, called gallstones or stones, in the common ble duct where they block bile flow
  19. Crohn's Disease
    chronic inflammation of any part f the GI tract, that involves small ulcerations of the intestinal wall.

    Results in scar tissue formation and intestinal obstruction
  20. diverticulitis
    inflammation of abnormal small pouches in the wall of the colon
  21. giardiasis
    infection by the intestinal protozoa Giarda Intestinalis

    diarrhea, cramps, nausea, vomiting
  22. hiatal hernia
    protrusion of part of the stomach upward through an opening in the diaphragm normally penetrated by the esophagus
  23. intussusception
    • an infolding of a segment of the intestine within another segment,
    • bowel obstruction
  24. irritable bowel syndrome
    chronic disease characterized by periodic disturbances of large intestinal function, such as diarrhea and constipation, without clear physical damage
  25. lactose intolerance
    lack of the enzyme lactase in the small intestine, producing symptoms of gas production and diarrhea when dairy food are consumed
  26. peptic ulcer
    erosion in the wall of the stomach, doudenum, or any other part of the GI tract that may be exposed to gastric juice, usually due to a reduction of the protective musuc layer
  27. volvulsus
    twisting of the intestine that leads to obstruction
  28. abdominoperineal resection
    surgical removal of the colon and rectum that includes entry through both the abdomen and perineum

    Includes a colostomy and is performed to treat colorectal cancer
  29. antacid
    drug that neutralizes stomach acid
  30. antiemetic
    drug that prevents or stops vomiting
  31. barium enema
    enema that contains barium
  32. cathartic
    • drug that stimulates peristalsis of the colon
    • Lazative
  33. endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
    endoscopic procedure that includes x ray flouroscopy to visualize the ducts of the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas
  34. fecal occult blood test
    lab test performed to detect blood in the feces
  35. gavage
    process of feeding a patient through a tube that is inserted into the nse and drops into the stomach
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