history chpt 12

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  1. 20,000
    island SE Asia consits of how many islands?
  2. Malacca & Sunda straight
    whoever commands these two straits controls the rich trade between SE Asia and India
  3. matrilineal
    wealth and influence was passed down through this accepted custom which placed the mother at the center of the family
  4. indonesia
    this modern SE Asian nation has the largest Muslim population in the world
  5. pagan
    this kingdom arose in the fertile irrawaddy valley in present-day myanmar
  6. anawrahta
    this king brought buddhism to the burman people and made pagan a major religious center
  7. stupas
    dome shaped buddhist shrines
  8. khmer
    this indian influenced kingdom controlled much of present day cambodia, thailand, and malaysia
  9. angkor wat
    king suryavarman II built this great hindu and buddhist temple complex in 1100s
  10. srivijaya
    this indonesian trading empire flourished from the 600s to the 1200s because it controlled malacca
  11. murasaki
    best known heian writer who penned THE TALE OF GENJI, the world's first full-length novel
  12. shogun
    the supreme military commander
  13. daimyo
    the great warrior lords of japan
  14. minamoto
    he set up the kamakura shogunate, the first of three military dynasties that would rule japan
  15. samurai
    lesser warriors whose name means "those who serve"
  16. bushido
    the warrior cod that emphasized honor, bravery and absolute loyalty to one's lord
  17. kamikaze
    in japanese it means "divine winds"
  18. toyotomi
    in 1590 this brilliant general, who was a commoner by birth brought most of japan under his control
  19. tokugawa
    in 1600 this daimyo would become master of japan and be named shogun
  20. zen
    this buddhist sect, which began in china, emphasized self-reliance, meditation, and devotion to duty
  21. archipelago
    another name for "a chain of islands"
  22. tsunami
    earthquakes launch these killer tidal waves that sweep over the land without warning
  23. ring of fire
    japan lies in this region which is made up of a chain of volcanoes that encircle the pacific ocean
  24. ainu
    the japanese pushed these earlier inhabitants of the archipelago onto the northernmost island of Hokkaido
  25. uji
    japanese word for "clan"
  26. yamato
    this clan set up japan's first and only dynasty, claiming descent from Amaterasu, the sun goddess
  27. kami
    in japanese it means the superior forces that are natural or divine
  28. shinto
    the worship of the forces of nature or "the way of kami"
  29. selective borrowing
    the process of keeping some traits and discarding or modifying others
  30. kana
    phonetic symbols representing syllables that the japanese used to revise the chinese system of writing
  31. steppes
    vast treeless plains of central asia
  32. genghis khan
    this mongol chieftain took the name "universal ruler"
  33. dominate
    it means "to rule or control with power"
  34. pax mongolica
    the sons and gradsons of genghis khan established this period of peace and order in the 13th and 14th centuries
  35. kublai khan
    this gradson of genghis khan finally toppled the last song emperor in 1279
  36. yuan
    the mongols adopted this chinese name for their dynasty
  37. marco polo
    this adventurous italian merchant traveled to yuan china and spent 17 years in kublai khan's service
  38. ming
    zhu yuanzhang founded this dynasty after he defeated the mongols in 1368
  39. zheng he
    this extraordinary chinese admiral and diplomat explored SE Asia, India, Arabia, and africa
  40. brilliant
    what does "ming" mean in chinese?
  41. evolve
    it means to "develop gradually"
  42. silla
    this korean dynasty united the koguryo paekche and silla kingdoms
  43. koryo
    this korean dynasty's name is the root from which the modern word korea is derived
  44. celadon
    porcelain adorned with an unusual blue-green glaze
  45. pulguska
    completed during the silla dynasty, it is considered to be the most famous buddhist temple in korea
  46. yi song-gye
    in 1392 this brilliant korean general overthrew the koryo dynasty and set up his own empire
  47. choson
    this was the last and longest-lived korean dynasty
  48. king sejong
    he was korea's most celebrated ruler
  49. hangul
    this is the korean phonetic alphabet that uses symbols to represent the sounds of spoken korean
  50. literacy rate
    the percentage of people who can read and write
  51. yi sun-shin
    this korean admiral is considered one of the nation's great heroes because he used "turtle ships" to attack and defeat the japanese invaders in the late 16th century
  52. landscape
    a visitor once compared this in korea to a "sea in a heavy gale"
  53. kyongju
    this capital's nickname was the "city of gold"
  54. wu zhao
    only woman to rule china in own name
  55. tang
    dynasty 618 that restored china's earlier glory
  56. tang taizong
    another name for li shimin who was known as the most admired emperor
  57. tributary states
    self-governing states where rulers had to acknowledge chinese supremacy and send regular tribute to tang emperor
  58. land reform
    broke up large agricultural holdings and redistributed land to pesants
  59. zhao kuangyin
    general who founded song dynasty
  60. song
    960 dynasty that was a time of great economic growth
  61. grand canal
    linked Huang river to chang river
  62. gentry
    wealthy landowning class
  63. dowry
    payment that woman brings to marriage
  64. foot binding
    women practice to symbolize beauty
  65. pagoda
    multistoried temple with eaves that curved up at corners
  66. porcelain
    shiny, hard pottery that was prized as finest in the world
  67. li bo
    greatest tang poet
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