AP World- Ch. 25 Questions

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  1. In what way was Latin America different than the other regions that remained outside the direct control of Western imperialism?
    During the century of imperialism, Latin America cast off previous colonial controls through revolution.
  2. Which event did the Creole elite reject as a model of revolution because of its threat to the social hierarchy?
    the Haitian Revolution
  3. Toussaint L'Overture led the rebellion
    on the island of St. Domingue
  4. What title was taken by the Creole military commander Augustin de Iturbide in Mexico?
  5. Who was the leader of the independence movement in northern South America?
    Simon Bolivar
  6. How was the experience of the Napoleonic Wars different for Portugal than Spain?
    The entire royal family fled from the French to Brazil and established their capital there
  7. In which area did slavery continue to exist after 1854?
  8. Which statement concerning the political organization of Latin America to 1850 is most accurate?
    Most attempts at consolidation and union failed.
  9. Caudillos were
    rural police forces that controlled much of Mexico.
  10. Which concept was associated with Latin American Liberal groups?
    rights of individuals and belief in private competition
  11. The Monroe Doctrine of 1823
    was proclaimed by the United States to keep European nations out of Latin America, but enforced by the British navy
  12. Which of the following factors did NOT account for the economic stagnation in Latin America from 1820 to 1850?
    the absence of foreign markets for raw materials
  13. Which of the following descriptions of the politicians who led Liberal governments in the post-1860 Latin America is accurate?
    They represented a new generation of politicians who had matured after independence.
  14. Benito Juarez was
    an Indian who led La Reforma
  15. In 1840 coffee became a major export product of
  16. Prior to the 1830s, the artistic and architectural style preferred in Latin America was
  17. Which of the following groups benefited in the social and political climate of post-1850 Latin America?
    large landholders and urban businessmen
  18. Which of the following beliefs is NOT associated with the concept of "modernization" or "westernization"?
    Change would take place through radical or revolutionary transitions rather than gradually.
  19. Which of the following sectors of the Latin American economy fueled the boom of the post-1880 period?
    export of raw materials
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