Lesson 94 - Lesoni Hiva Fa

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Lesson 94 - Lesoni Hiva Fa
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  1. Lit: is there a/your brother/sister?
    Do you have any brothers/sisters?
    'Oku 'i ai hao tokoua?
  2. Yes, I have three brothers / sisters.
    'Io, oku 'i ai hoku tokoua e tolu.
  3. Do you have any relatives in Tonga?
    'Oku 'i ai hao kainga 'i Tonga?
  4. Lit: There is not my famliy there. (I have no famliy there)
    'Ikai, 'Oku 'ikai haku famili ai.
  5. There's a hoe in the house.
    'Oku i ai ha huo 'i fale.
  6. Do you have a hoe in the house?
    'Oku 'i ai hao huo 'i fale?
  7. I don't have any hoe in the house.
    'Oku 'ikai haku huo 'i fale.
  8. I have a hoe in the house.
    'Oku i ai hoku huo 'i fale.
  9. I have no relative here.
    'Oku 'ikau haku kainga heni.
  10. I have no relative here
    'Oku 'ikai ke 'i ai haku kainga heni.
  11. What's wrong with it?
    Ko e ha kano kovi?
  12. Do you have any relatives here?
    'Oku i ai hao kainga heni?
  13. Do you have a land allotment?
    'Oku 'i ai hao 'api tukuhau?
  14. I had no opportunity (to do it).
    Na'e 'ikai haku faingamalie.
  15. He has no land.
    'Oku 'ikai hano kelekele.
  16. Do you have relatives in America.
    'Oku 'i ai hao kainga 'i Amelika?
  17. Do you have an famliy in America?
    /Oku 'i ai hao famili 'i Amelika?
  18. Do you have a coat?
    'Oku 'i ai hao kote?
  19. Do you have a shirt?
    'Oku i ai hao sote?
  20. I have no T shirt.
    'Oku 'ikai i ai haku falani.
  21. I have no clothes.
    'Oku 'ikai 'e ai haku vala
  22. Lit.. Ther was not my opportunity.
    Na'e 'ikai 'i ai ahku faingamalie.
  23. Land allotment
    'api tukuhau
  24. Relatives, brothers and sisters
  25. ground , land
  26. tax , fee

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