US History Unit 4

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  1. What Republican candidate won the presidential election of 1920 by promising a return to "normalcy" and simpler times and a promotion of business interests?
    Warren Harding,
  2. What was the meaning of "Fordism"?
    the mass production technique system,
  3. Suburbanization in the 1920's
    was made possible by the automobile,
  4. The Scopes Trial revealed fundamentalists' discomfort with
    evolutionary science,
  5. Dupont emerged as a powerful corporation in the
    chemical industry,
  6. A major industrial trend of the 1920's with Oligopolies was
    the concentration of wealth in the largest firms of an industry,
  7. The Republican presidents of the 1920's
    emphasized the importance of business interests,
  8. The "Good Neighbor Policy" was designed to
    improve relations with nations in Latin America.
  9. What did President Calvin Coolidge call "one of the most potent influences" on modern life?
    the advertising industry,
  10. What person's popularity as a trumpet player was one of the hallmarks of the appeal that jazz had with Americans?
    Louis Armstrong,
  11. What name was given to the African-American literary movement that flourished in literature, art, and music in the 1920s?
    Harlem Renaissance,
  12. The National Origins Act of 1924
    favored western Europeans over eastern and southern Europeans,
  13. All of the following were causes of the Great Depression except
    a drop in agricultural production in the mid-1920's,
  14. Franklin Roosevelt's first goal and crisis as president was to
    strengthen the faltering bank industry,
  15. "Court packing" refers to Roosevelt's proposal to
    assert more presidential control over the makeup of the U.S.Supreme Court with judges who supported the New Deal,
  16. One important result of the New Deal reform was that
    it expanded the government's role in the economy.
  17. What were Hoovervilles?
    squalid collections of shacks where the homeless of America's cities lived,
  18. What was the purpose of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA)?
    to furnish funds to local and state governments for public relief projects,
  19. The Agricultural Adjustment Administration attempted to
    raise farm incomes by controlling overproduction,
  20. What U.S. Senator from Louisiana won enormous appeal to his Share Our Wealth Society program in 1934?
    Huey P. Long,
  21. What government agency, established in 1932 under President Hoover, lent federal funds to banks, insurance companies and railroads to encourage "trickle down" recovery?
    Reconstruction Finance Corporation,
  22. What Congressional act in 1935 guaranteed workers the right to organize unions?
    Wagner National Labor Relations Act,
  23. In the presidential campaign of 1932, what Democratic candidate pledged himself to a "New Deal for the American people"?
    Franklin Roosevelt,
  24. What British economist advocated deficit spending during a Depression in order to increase purchasing power and stimulate recovery?
    John Maynard Keynes,
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