bio notes 2-29

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  1. what are the 3 common growth forms of lichens?
    foliose (leafy), fruticose (shrubby), crustose (crustlike)
  2. what is a root fungus?
  3. what are the characteristics of micorrizae?
    associates vascular plants with fungus, increases plants ability to absorb water and minerals
  4. what wraps around root cells and outside of roots?
  5. what invades root cell walls?
    arbuscular micorrizae
  6. describe fungus-animal endosymbiosis
    fungi breaks down plant material for animals
  7. example of fungi-animal symbiosis
    leafcutter ants harvest leaves on which to grow the fungi needed to feed their offspring
  8. 3 types of fungal phylogeny?
    microsporidia, chytrids, zygospre fungi
  9. characteristics of microsporidia?
    unicellular, intracellular parasites of animals can infect human cells,use harpoon like polar filaments to inject spore contents into host cell
  10. characteristics of chytrids?
    unicellular or multicellular,most are saprobes, some are parasitic or mutualistic, others form mutualistic relationships with ruminants,only fungal group with a flagellated stage in their life cycle.
  11. what is a ruminant?
    cud chewing animal
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