Professional Baking Chapter 18

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  1. Black Forest Torte
    A chocolate sponge layer cake filled with whipped cream and cherries.
  2. Charlotte Ring
    A metal ring used as a mold for charlottes and other desserts.
  3. Dobos Torte
    A Hungarian cake made of seven thin layers filled with chocolate buttercream and topped with caramelized sugar.
  4. Fruit Torte
    A layer cake topped with a decorative arrangement of fruit.
  5. Gâteau (gah toe)
    French word for "cake."
  6. Kirschtorte
    A torte made of genoise, meringue disks, and buttercream and flavored with kirsch.
  7. Opera Cake
    A layer cake made of thin sponge layers, coffee-flavored buttercream, and chocolate ganache.
  8. Othello
    A small (single-portion size), spherical sponge cake filled with cream and iced with fondant.
  9. Petit Four Glacé
    An iced or cream-filled petit four.
  10. Sachertorte
    A rich chocolate cake from Vienna.
  11. Swiss Roll
    A thin sponge cake layer spread with a filling and rolled up.
  12. Tiramisu
    An Italian dessert made of ladyfinger sponge flavored with espresso coffee and a creamy cheese filling.
  13. Torte
    German for various types of cakes, usually layer cakes.
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