Chapter 16 (4)

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  1. 75% of thyroid hormones travel in the blood attached to a transport protein called what?
    thyroid-binding globulins (TBG)
  2. What is the structure and location of the parathyroid glands?
    Two pairs of of glands located on the posterior surface of the thyroid glands.
  3. Parathyroid cells produce what?
    Parathyroid hormone (PTH)
  4. What is the function of PTH?
    Increases calcium levels in extracellular fluids.
  5. How does PTH control calcium levels in the blood?
    • Inhibiting osteoblasts (reducing deposition rate of bone)
    • Increases osteoclast production (by releasing growth factor)
    • Enhances reabsorption of Ca2+ by kidneys
    • Stimulates release of calcitriol by kidneys
  6. _____ (along with _____) is the primary regulator of calcium in the body of healthy adults.
    • PTH
    • calcitriol
  7. _____ can be administered clinically in metabolic disorders with excessive calcium.
  8. Does the removal of the thyroid gland have and effect on calcium levels in the body?
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