Asia Test 3 7th

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  1. Elite Japanese warriors
  2. Poet who stressed that religion is from within and who was thought of as a saint by both muslims and Hindus
  3. Family that controlled the sogunate after 1338
  4. powerful general who controlled Japanese emperor
  5. Wrote a book called The Travels about a journey to China. Some called it the book of a million lies
    Marco Polo
  6. Japanes gods or nature spirits
  7. Only female sultan of delhi
  8. local ords who commanded warriors
  9. Yi ruler of Korea in the mid 1400s who directed the develpment of the Korean alphabet
  10. How did Temujin rise to power?
    • Used friendships and blood brother bonds as the led a life of combat
    • NOT built upon family ties or son a great khan
  11. Which best describes mongol society?
    • horse nomads of the steppe who live in felt tents
    • NOT similar to Song, primitive farmers or camel riders
  12. Mongols were known for
    use of short bows from horseback
  13. At first Genghis Khan was losing against the Jin until
    he received help from the Kitains whose Liao Dynasty had been conquered by the Jin
  14. Genghis Khans' conquest of China included
    the Jin capital of Zhongdu
  15. Why did Gennghis Khan conquer Central Asia?
    The Khwarazm Shah offended Genghis Khan
  16. Why did Genghis Khan stop his conquest of the West
    A kingdom near China rebelled against him so he had to punish them
  17. Kubilai Khan DID NOT attempt to conquer
    • India
    • Did conquer Japan, Burma, Java
  18. The court of Kubilai Khan
    included people from many cultures including italian merchants (Marco Polo)
  19. Which is NOT true about the Mongol conquest of the Song
    The Song ciites bitterly fought the Mongols to the very end without giving up
  20. Kubilai's Yuan dynasty
    • All:
    • made muslims and central asians more impt than chinese
    • abolished examinations
    • established a strict social hierarchy with mongols on top
  21. war with mongols created crisis in japan because
    made many daimyo and shoguns unhappy with Hojo regency
  22. what did the Ashikaga shoguns do to build good relations with china?
    presented themselves as kings and showed respect to emperor of china as the son of heaven
  23. Yeisei Myoan
    • All:
    • said tea was secret to long life
    • was a zen master
    • brought tea seeds from china and started his tea garden
  24. Noh plays
    ideally contained yugen or mysteriousness
  25. Yi Songgye
    started the Chosen dynasty
  26. Korean book printing
    was the firt to use moveable type as a standard method
  27. Chinese written language
    • All:
    • used by Koreans and Japanese even though those languages are very different
    • does not have letters
    • has thousands of characters each representing a word
  28. Zhu Yuanzang
    • All:
    • started a new chinese dynasty
    • was born into a poor family that suffered from plague
    • joined a buddhist monastery
  29. White Lotus Sect
    believed that Maitreya would destroy evil
  30. Zhu Yuanzang's success was due to
    uniting scholar officials and the White Lotus against the Yuan
  31. Ming Taizu
    • all:
    • was the first ming emperor
    • restored the civil service exams and tried to make them fair to poor sturdents
    • was Zhu Yuanang
  32. Ming Taizu
    • all??
    • tried to eliminate corruption and ensure his officials knew about the poor
    • believed that china should not conquer its neighbors
    • became cruel as he grew older
  33. Yongle
    • all:
    • relied on enuchs
    • was also known as Zhu Di
    • fought a brutal civil war to be his father's successor
  34. Trade in central asia declined
    • all:
    • because of Timur Leng's wars
    • because of bad relations between chinese and mongols
    • during ming dynasty
  35. Wang royal line in Korea
    married into Yuan dynasty families and adopted mongol customs
  36. King Sejong
    • all:
    • supported scientific development
    • created new Korean script
    • supported Confuscian ideas
  37. Which of the following was NOT and impt daimyo who created centralized feudal system
  38. Dureing which century did Tokugawa shogunate rule
  39. which is true about japan in 19th century
    the US Navy forced Japan to open its ports
  40. During the Tokugawa shogunate
    Samurai were expected to learn Confucian classics
  41. Korea was attacked by all except
    • Vietnam
    • were attacked by China, Japan and Mongols
  42. Zheng He
    • all: trusted by the Ming emperor
    • was a muslim
    • was an enuch
  43. the admiral who led a treasure fleet across the indian ocean
    Zheng He
  44. which was NOT true about Qutb-ud-Din Aybak
    • Tore down many mosques to build Hindu temples (other way around - he tore down hindu temples)
    • TRUE
    • died in polo accident
    • was a slave
    • was sultan of delhi
  45. NOT a social change in northern india during Sultanate of Delhi
    • Hinduism became illegal
    • TRUE eating beef
    • Persian became official language
    • women wearing veils
  46. Ibn Battuta met and worked as a judge for
    Muhammad bin Tughluq
  47. At the end fo the 1300s the Sultanate of Delhi
    was weakened by a savage attachk by Timur the Lame
  48. Chinese dynasty during:

    Sultanate of Delhi formed
  49. Chinese dynasty during:
    Battle of Marathon 490BC
  50. Chinese dynasty during:
    Tale of Genji written
  51. Chinese dynasty during:
    Minamoto Yoritomo becomes Shogun
  52. Chinese dynasty during:
    Treaty of Kanagawa opens Japan
  53. Chinese dynasty during:
    Kingdom of Silla unites Korea
  54. Chinese dynasty during:
    Tokugawa Ieyasu deefats last rivals at Sekigahara
  55. Chinese dynasty during:
    Korean alphabet developed under King Sejong
  56. Genghis Khan's army
    was organized on a decimal system and strict discipline
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