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  1. List at least 3 reasons for placing a sedative dressing
    • Protect and seal tooth prior to permanent restoration
    • Restore or maintain occlusion prior to permanent restoration
    • Sedative dressing- Palliative treatment(relieve pain)
    • Endodontic treatment
  2. List the criteria for a sedative dressing
    • 1. Anatomy
    • -basic
    • -burnished
    • 2. Contacts- width
    • 3. Contours
    • -shape
    • 4. Embrasures- v shaped space
    • -no overhangs
    • 5. Margins
    • -perfect sealed
    • 6. Occlusion height
  3. List the basic set up for a sedative dressing tray
    • Basic set-up (mirror, explorer, cotton forceps)
    • matrix band and wedge
    • ZOE cement
    • condenser- woodson
    • carver- Hollenback and discloid/ cleoid
    • burnisher- acorn
    • articulating paper
    • typodont and bench mount
  4. what is the function of the matrix band?
    • to replace the missing wall of the tooth
    • prevent material from going to interproximals
  5. Function of the wedge?
    prevent overhang or cupping
  6. What is the function of the burnisher as it relates to matrix band?
    • burnish band to maintain shape of tooth
    • contour the band at the contact area
    • final restoration will have proper contact with the adjacent tooth
  7. How does the tightness of a matrix band affect the contour of a restoration?
    to keep tightness of matrix band in gingival floor for contour of tooth
  8. What cements have palliative qualities?
    • ZOE- zinc oxide and eugenol
    • DYCAL- calcium hydroxide
    • Durelon- polycarboxylate "kind"
  9. why is zinc phosphate a poor choice for a sedative dressing?
    acid in cement irritates pulp

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DA325 review cements
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DA325 review cements

DA325 review cements
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