Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves

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  1. CNS

    =Spinal cord + Brain
    Both functionally independent

    • Spinal Cord
    • relays info to the brain
    • Integrates/processes information independently
  2. Spinal Cord Anatomy
    18" long extends to the L2

    tapes to the conus medullaris, inferior to L1

    • Fillum terminale extends to the coccyx
    • coccygeal ligament attaches to spinal cord to coccyx

    cauda equina - doral and vertebra roots of the sacral and coccygeal nerves
  3. There are 31 Spinal Nerves starting superior to the C1 Vertebra
    • 8 - Cervical
    • 12 - Thoracic
    • 5 - Lumbar
    • 5 - Sacral
    • 1 - Coccygeal
  4. Dorsal Root - (sensory)

    Dorsal Root Ganglia
    (collection of cellbodies in PNS)

    Ventral Root - Motor

    Grey matter

    White matter

    Central Canal

    Anterior median fissure

    Posterior median sulcus
    Areas of a Vertebra

    Look in SPinal Cord Anatomy
  5. Brain and SPinal COrd protection

    • *Meninges (3)
    • *Cereberalspinal Fluid
    • Cushions the Brain

    • *Blood Brain Barrier
    • Membrane between blood and cerberalspinal fluid
  6. 3 Mininges
    1. Dura mater - Toughest outermost later

    2. Arachnoid mater - Middle Layer

    3. Pia mater - delicate innermost layer
  7. Each nerve has 3 layers of connective tissue
    Epineurium - covers around the entire spinal nerve

    Perineurium - Surrounds each Fassicle

    Endoneurium - covers each individual axons in the nerve

    *Similiar to Skeletal Muscle
  8. Spinal Nerves are Mixed
    **Each pair of nerves monitors specific region on body surface (dermatome)
  9. Reflexes
    *Automatic & Involuntary


    *little/no variability

    *same response every time
  10. Reflex Arc

    *5 Steps
    Receptor (receives stimulus)

    Sensory Neuron (transmit stimulus to spinal cord thru the dorsal root)

    Processing in the CNS

    motor neuron (carries out response through ventral root)

    Effector (response fo the effector organ)
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