Chapter 8 Biology

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  1. Evolution
    • a genetic change in the population
    • change in allele frequencies
  2. Natural Selection
    the consequence of certain individual organisms in a population being born with characteristics that enable them to survive better and reproduce more than the offspring of other individuals in the population
  3. Darwin
    • Studied theology at cambridge
    • studied nature
    • sailed on the beagle, 5 year surveying expedition
  4. Agents of Evolutionary Change
    • Mutation
    • Genetic Drift
    • Migration
    • Natural Selection
  5. mutation
    • direct change in the DNA of an individual
    • only way new alleles can be created within a population
  6. Genetic Drift
    • random change in allele frequencies in a population
    • reduces the genetic variation in a population
  7. founder effect
    small number of individuals may leave a population and become the founding members of a new, isolated population
  8. Migration (gene flow)
    the movement of some individuals of a species from one population to another
  9. Natural Selection
    • 1. Variation for a trait
    • 2. Heritability
    • 3. Differential reproductive success
  10. Evidence of Evolution
    • fossil record
    • biogeography
    • comparative anatomy and embryology
    • molecular biology
    • labboratoy and field experiments
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