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  1. Most modern steering gear units are driven by what type of unit?
    Electrohydraulic type
  2. The electrohydraulic steering unit consists of what two major parts?
    The ram unit and a power unit.
  3. What causes the ram to move on a electrohydraulic steering unit?
    Oil pressure applied to one of the operating cylinders.
  4. What will move along with the ram unit?
    The rudder
  5. The power unit consists of how many independent units?
    Two, one is online and the other on stand by.
  6. What protects the steering pump unit from overpressurization?
    Relive Valve
  7. In case of a failure to both hydraulic pumps what is provided as a back up pump system?
    A hand pump
  8. The trick wheel allows local control of what?
    The rudder
  9. What three kinds of anchor windless will you find onboard ships?
    Electric, electrohydraulic and hand driven
  10. How many pumps normally drive one wildcat?
  11. Hand driven windlesses are used on what type of vessels?
    Small ships where the anchor gear can be handled without excessive effort by operating personnel.
  12. When operaring the anchor windless care must be taken to inspect what frequently?
    Compression of brake linings and clerance of between the brake drum and band.
  13. Navy electrohydraulic winches are all classified as what type?
    Drum type
  14. The drum shaft on an electrohydraulic winch is normally drivem by what?
    Hydraulic motor
  15. Where band brakes are used on the winch drums what should be inspected frequently?
    The friction linings.
  16. What prevents slippage of the winch when in operation?
    A locking device
  17. Cranes are designed to withstand what percentage of rated load at no speed/
    150 percent
  18. All cranes must withstand a static load of what?
    200 percent of rated load without damage or distortion.
  19. Kingpost bearing bearings allow for what types of load?
    Vertical or horizontal
  20. Define the term boom when associated with a shipboard crane?
    A structural unit used to lift, transfer or support heavy weights.
  21. The kinkpost bearing is located where?
    At the top of the kinkpost
  22. Modern aicraft elevators are powered by what?
    An electrohydraulic power unit.
  23. What is the lifting capacity of an aircraft elevator.
    79,000 - 105,000 pounds
  24. What medium is used along with oil pressure to power the aircraft elevator?
  25. Movement of of the balanced piston-type valve to the off center position will cause the aircraft elevator to?
    Move upward
  26. What prevents overtravel of the aircraft elevator?
    An electrical stopping device which limits the stroke of the ram.
  27. Classify the two tpes of conveyors normally used aboard ship?
    Gravity and powered.
  28. Conveyors are usually what size?
    18 inches wide, but they can be 12 inches wide for use in restricted areas.
  29. Power conveyors are configured in what two ways?
    Vertically and horizontally
  30. Steam-jacketted kettles operate at a maximum pressure of?
    45 psi
  31. What prevents steam-jacketted kettles overpressurization?
    A relieve valve set at 45 psi
  32. Steam Jacketted kettles are made of what material?
    Corrosion-resisting steel
  33. A steamer operates at what pressure?
    5-7 psi
  34. Dishwashing machines are classified into what three groups?
    one, two or three tank-machines
  35. Which dishwashing machine is fully automated?
    Three tank-machine.
  36. The temperature of the washwater must be maintained within what parameters?
    140-160 deg. F
  37. Bacteria in water is maitained by what?
    Regulation of water temperature.
  38. The hot waer rinse is controlled by an automatic steam mixing valve which regulates temperatures to?
    180-195 deg. F
  39. What is used to descale a dishwasher?
    Orthophosphoric acid 85 percent.
  40. Prevention of scale in dishwashing machines is essential for what two preasons?
    First excessive scale will clog pipes and drains, Second, scale deposit provide a haven for harmful bacteria.
  41. In order to calculate the required amount of descaling solution what must be known about the dishwashing machine?
    Capacity in gallons.
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