Neonates Chapter 14

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  1. 1. Which of the following is the goal of mechanical ventilation?
    Provide adequate alveolar ventilation with minimal lung damage
  2. Which of the following is the best definition of peak inspiratory pressure?
    The maximum pressure exerted against the patient's airway during inspiration
  3. What best describes wasted ventilation?
    The ratio of physioogic deadspace to tidal volume
  4. Of the following, which alter the duration of ventilation?
    1. Rate
    2. Flow
    3. Pip
    4. PEEP
    5. IT
    • Rate
    • Flow
    • I time
  5. Assuming an alveolar opening pressure of 23 cm H2O, which of the following combinations of PIP and PEEP would achieve the desired compression pressure?
    PIP-26, PEEP- 3
  6. Normal lung compliance in a newborn is:
    2.5 to 5 ml/cm H2O
  7. Of the following, which are determinants of pulmonary compliance?
    1. Elastic Elements
    2. Alveolar surface forces
    3. Plateau pressure
    4. Airway resistance
    5. Dynamic ventilatory pressures
    • Elastic Elements
    • Alveolar surface forces
  8. As volume is extracted from the thorax at its unstressed volume, the ribs:
    Recoil outward
  9. With overexpansion of the lungs caused by air trapping, lung compliance is:
  10. RDS lowers lung compliance by:
    Increasing alveolar surface forces
  11. Which is the main factor that determines airway resistance?
    airway radius
  12. The normal airway resistance in a spontaneously breathing neonate is:
    20 to 30 cmH2O/L/sec
  13. Endotracheal tube resistance can be reduced by:
    Shortening the tube
  14. In the presence of which of the following scenarios could shorter inspiratory times and faster rates be used without the risk of air trapping?
  15. With a compliance of 3.6 ml/cmH2O and an airway resistance of 42 cm H2O/L/sec, what would be an appropriate expiratory time?
    0.46 sec
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