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  1. 213 What is the distance between UMOS to maintain formation at unusual disorder?
    1 arms length
  2. 213 Who inspects the mobilized UMOS's?
  3. 213 Wh oinspects the mobilized Patrol Supervisor?
    Lt Plt Commander
  4. Who comes for level 1 , 2, 3, 4 mobilization?
    • 1: Task force Borough
    • 2: Task Force Citywide
    • 3: Pct/TD/PSA Borough
    • 4: Pct/TD/PSA Citywide
  5. 213-03/05 Where does Sergeant respond when they are mobilized?
    Station House
  6. 213-05 Who has rasios on in van when responding to a mobilization?
    Sgt and Van Operator
  7. 213-05 How many UMOS are to be assigned to rooftops, rear yards and alley's during a mobilization?
    No less then 2
  8. 213-05 Who ensures that mobilized UMOS are properly equiped?
    Sergeant mobilized
  9. 213-05 How many mobile field forces are Lt's in charge of?
    3-5 squads
  10. 213-05 For the apprehension plan, what is reasonable amount of space for an outer perimeter?
    4 Blocks
  11. 213-06 During large scale arrest processing what is the acceptable amount of arrests for a cop and number of A/O's per Sgt?
    • 5 collars per cop
    • 4 A/O's per Sgt
  12. 213-6 When does A/O and perp get photoes at a large scale arrest process?
    Before getting in wagon
  13. 213-06 Who affixes the mass arrest pedigree label to back of polaroid of perp and A/O?
    Arrest Supv
  14. 213-06 During large scale arrest processing who decides if an arrestee gets a DAT or summons?
    Incident CO
  15. 213-06 Who insures an A/O knows how to articulate thier collar?
    Incident Commander
  16. 213-10 When does the CO or ranking officer call off duty UMOS during a mobilization?
    • 1- Early morning hours
    • 2-Other times if maybe they didnt hear
    • 3- Poor response
  17. 213-10 Who does CO or designated supervisor notify of personnel available, # of squads etc?
  18. 213-10 Who notifies transit Bureau for traffic control along monbilization point?
    CO Ranking Officer
  19. 213-10 Who can dictate an "Aleternate" point for off duty mobilization?
    PC, 1st Dep, Chief of Dept
  20. 213-10 For off duty mobilization where do city residents go for alternate mobilization location?
    • Perminent Command
    • SI residents (perm command if work on SI if not 122)
  21. 213-10 Who does the CO or ranking officer notify if transportation is needed for people to mobilization point?
  22. 213-11 How are demonstration observers ID'd and where are they allowed to observe?
    • They wear green armbands
    • They are allowed free access through police lines except for safety reasons
  23. 213-10 Who should respond for off duty mobilization?
    • RDO and
    • scheduled for next tour
  24. 213-10 Who goes into a mobile field force during off duty mobilization?
    RDO and OCCB
  25. 213-10 Who deploys a) RDO off duty mobilized UMOS? b) Next platoon responders? c) already on duty?
    • RDO-Borough
    • Next plt-Permanent Command
    • Already on Duty- Bureau
  26. 213-10 For off duty mobilization where do you report if you live a) Upstate? b) LI North or c) LI South, if an alternate point is designated?
    • a) Upstate-50 pct Van Cortlandt Park
    • b) LI North- 110 pct Flushing Meadow
    • c) LI South-113 pct Baisly Park
  27. 213-11 If an MOS receives info regarding an event during a special event or crowd control situation whoe shoul dbe notified?
    • notify Incident Commander
    • (If time factor notify Operations Unit direct)
  28. 213-13 Who does DO notify if plan A, B, C is activated via finest?
    • 1) CO
    • and 2)Other units in same building
    • 3) Borough when activated (hourly)
  29. 213-13 What are plan A, B, C?
    • A Arctic -snow/ice
    • B Boat-Flood Hurricane
    • C-Cars-Traffic Congestion
  30. 213-15 how far off the corner of through streets on parade routes are spectators not allowed on?
    100 feet and 25 feet on parade route
  31. 213-15 Who is the incident commander if 2 or more commands are involved? 2 or more borough's?
    • 2 or more command's: Borough CO
    • 2 or more Borough's: Chief of Patrol
  32. 213-16 Where do you tow a handicap or special DOT vehicle during relocation for special event?
    relocate as close as you can
  33. 213-16 Who posts "vehicle relocation notices" and how long are they posted?
    Assigned Supv and they stay posted for 48 hrs
  34. 213-16 How long are vehicle relocation reports maintained at the desk on a clipboard?
    45 days
  35. Who surveys and ensures "No Parking" signs are up and when?
    P/S each subsequent tour
  36. 213-16 When should no parking signs be posted for a special event and by who?
    at least 2 days prior by assigned supervisor
  37. 213-02 At an emergency incident, who does P/S or Plt Cmdr, notify? and update?
    Notify: DO, Operations, Borough, Communications

    Update: DO and Operations
  38. 213-12 Who can activate the apprehension plan and for what?
    • Capt can activate for
    • cop shot or multiple homicides and still fresh
  39. 213 How many Lt's does SI send to a mobilization?
    1 Lt
  40. 213-13 When does DO notify Ops direct during plan A, B, or C?
    When people are in need of temporary shelter and Emergency transportation
  41. 213-05 During the apprehension plan who does DO notify?
    • Borough
    • Operations
    • CO
    • and predetermined personnel as per command plan
  42. 213-12 Who do cops give info of License plates copied down after a canvass?
    Taru/DB command post
  43. 213 Mobilization Level 2 and above sends what?
    • EAT PAT DB
    • ESU supv and truck
    • Aviation
    • Taru
    • Patrol Wagon
    • Arrest process vehicle
    • THV
    • Decon truck
    • Barrier truck
    • NO AVIATION level 4
  44. 213-05 When do units including enforcement units ring the command post?
    • 30 minutes for enforcement units
    • hourly all other
  45. 213-03 For level 3 and 4 where are housing and transit UMOS deployed?
    • Level 3: secure own Bureau facilities
    • Level 4: Whereever needed
  46. 213-02 How are scuba divers requested?
    • Through radio for Emergency
    • Through SOD for routine dives
  47. 213 What are the personnel requirements for 1st plt mobilization?
    • 1 Sgt from 3 commands
    • 2 PO's from each command
    • (except SI)

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