VM Midterm

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  1. surface treatment or "feel", which is visual as well as tactile
  2. How do you use texture to attract?
    complimentary texture: i.e. tulle, ribbons, and lace
  3. texture: smooth vs. rough and the illusion of weight
    • -smooth surfaces reflect light and appear brighter
    • -rough surfaces hold light and appear darker
    • -smooth texture visually takes up less space
    • -rough texture appear heavier and suggest more weight
  4. how does a vertical line appear?
    tall and erect, elegant and refined, strength
  5. how does a horizontal line appear?
    easy going and restful; peaceful and calm
  6. how does a curved line appear
    grace, charm and feminity; soft and envelopoing
  7. how does a diagonal line appear?
    forceful, strong and dynamic, energizing
  8. an easy-going on the eye relationship of components
  9. symetrical
  10. assymetrical
  11. In every composition, its advisable that some item or element be ____________, positioned so that it is the 1st to catch the viewer's eye.
  12. How to create dominance:
    • -centered mannequin with smaller figures around it.
    • -lighting focused on a particular item.
    • -contrast
  13. relationship between size, sacle and visual weight of elements within the entire composition.
  14. a sharp difference between items (white and black; light and dark; traditional and avant garde; red and green; oversized and miniature)
  15. self-contained movement from element to element, from background to foreground and from side to side.
  16. repeating or reiterating a color, line, motif or shape etc. to create eye catching and attractive composition
  17. a gradation of color made by adding white to lessen its saturation
  18. a quality of color
  19. when a gradation of black is added to a color
  20. complementary color scheme
    colors across frome each other on the color wheel
  21. What is Pantone?
    •The PANTONEVIEW family of forecasting products contains swatch cards of each of the forecasted colors, along with visual inspiration, trend palette directives and suggested color harmonies.

    •PANTONEVIEW home + interiors ($295)

    •PANTONE Products (over $500 )

    •Color Planner Fall/Winter ($650 value)
  22. Primary Responsibility of a Visual Merchandiser
    • to increase sales:
    • - by attracting shoppers into the store through window displays
    • -by bringing them through the departments through in-store dispays and layouts
  23. What are the retail places of employeement for visual merchandisers?
    • -large department stores
    • -multi-store retailers
    • -independent boutiques
    • -e-retailer websites
  24. What are the 4 parts of the visual merchandiser's work?
    • 1. collaborate with the merchadising team (buyers and product development staff) about what was purchased and how to best promote it.
    • 2. lay out and complete floors of new season merchandise; install window and in-store displays
    • 3. be certain the correct fixtures are on the floor with the right products and correct signage
    • 4. maintian windows and in-store displays, keeping them filled with current stock, tidy and well lit.
  25. How do you measure success in viusal merchandising?
    • -retailers look for long term effects of the merchandise featured in the windows and sales on the store floor.
    • -for example, if two swimsuits are show on mannequins in the window, the retailer will look at sales of these two styles and the sales of swimwear in total units in compared to last year's volume
    • - it is a broad-scope analysis of store traffic, areas of interest related to displays and store sales volume
  26. What is the promotional path for the visual merchandiser of a large department store?
    freelance or anchillary - junior merchandise manager - senior visual merchandiser - visual merchandise manager - Vice President of Visual Merchandising
  27. the unity of all aspects of visual merchadsing
    store design
  28. what are the 4 parts of interior design as it relates to visual merchandising?
    • -fixtures
    • -lighting
    • -signange
    • -walkways, or aisles
  29. What is the goal of effective store design?
    it shows products to their best advantage and sells them to consumers
  30. What are the 2 results of effective store design in terms of the customer and the retailer?
    • -it helps support the retailer's brand image
    • -it entices customer to enter the store (website)
  31. Store design has two primary areas of concern?
    • -atmosphere
    • -functionality
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